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The sound of rats in your ceiling can suddenly change the way you feel in your space. If rodents are disrupting the peace in your Anaheim home, 360 Rodent Control can help. Our holistic approach to rodent control will banish rats and mice from your property for good. After just one treatment, you can rest assured in knowing your home is rodent-free.

Southern California rodent control professionals

You may be tempted to try DIY rodent control measures if you see a rat. In reality, a single rat sighting may be the tip of the iceberg. If you have a larger infestation on your property, you’ll need the help of an Anaheim pest control professional. Signs of a rat infestation include:

  • rodent droppings
  • a lingering urine-like smell
  • bite marks in building materials
  • gnawed food packaging
  • tiny rodent footprints

Rodents can move into a property and steadily increase the size of their population before you discover the first sign of an infestation. Setting rat traps may eliminate a small percentage of rodents. However, the best approach to resolving a rat infestation is to target the places rodents like to hide. A rodent control professional will carefully examine your property in search of signs of rodent inhabitants. Your pest control technician will determine the size of the infestation and decide on the best approach to resolving the infestation.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Rodent-proofing your home in Anaheim, CA

Mice can squeeze into your home through holes that are as small as ¼-inch in width. Our rodent control specialists will thoroughly examine your home or commercial building for tiny openings rats and mice can exploit to access the interior. We use multiple types of materials to seal holes, cracks, and crevices to prevent rodents from entering.

Orange County rat control services

As the nation’s leading rat control experts, we take rodent control very seriously. We base our holistic approach on our in-depth understanding of rodent behavior. Once rats invade a building, they use pheromones to leave trails they and other rats can follow to return to the space. As rats leave their scent around your property, they are able to come and go as they please, bringing additional rats with them each time. Through our multipronged approach, we’ll eliminate rats by:

  • sealing up potential entry points
  • neutralizing rodent scent trails
  • cleaning up waste and other biological materials left by rodents

Attic cleaning

Rats are attracted to attics because they generally offer seclusion, protective shelter, and clutter. Rats make their home in attic insulation, which can ultimately cost you money. As tiny rodent claws destroy your home’s insulation, the HVAC system must work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. After examining your attic for signs of rodents, we’ll deep clean your attic to remove all of the biological contaminants rodents leave behind. After we finish, your attic will be clean and free of rodents and their hazardous toxins.

Crawl space cleaning

Your home’s crawl space provides easily accessible shelter from the elements outside. When rodents take up residence in a crawl space, they can live undetected for an extended period before you begin to suspect you may have a rat problem. Eventually, rodents can make their way from the crawl space into your home’s interior. If your home has a lingering odor and you can’t pinpoint the origin, there may be rodents in the crawl space.

Similar to attic cleaning, we also offer crawl space cleaning services to remove rats’ nests, urine, feces, scent trails, and other potentially disease-spreading materials rodents leave in their hiding places. After we clean the crawl space, we can take additional steps to secure the cracks and crevices rats can potentially use to enter your home.

Insulation services

In addition to our leading pest control services, we can also fix damage caused by rats and mice. If you’ve observed signs of rodents and your cooling bills have recently been higher than usual, damaged insulation may be the cause. Rodents rip through attic insulation with their tiny claws. They burrow into the material to make nests. Rats and mice also gnaw on certain types of insulation as a food source. As rats repurpose your home’s insulation for their own needs, your air conditioner may have to work harder to keep your home cool in the summer. Our team can resolve your rat problem and replace any damaged insulation.

We have extensive experience in the insulation industry. Over time, we have come to discover cost-saving measures that allow us to deliver effective long-term solutions at a reasonable price.

Anaheim AC services

Our HVAC technicians can keep your air conditioner running optimally. In addition to keeping you cool all summer, your AC can:

  • Lower the humidity level in your home
  • Filter conditioned air to improve indoor air quality
  • Reduce odors in the air
  • Discourage pests from entering your home

We install commercial-grade filters and systems that will keep the air inside your home comfortable and smelling fresh. Contact us to learn more.

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Can I use rat traps and over-the-counter pest control products to eliminate a rat infestation?

Rat traps alone will not resolve larger infestations. Over-the-counter poisons may be harmful to household members and pets. If a rat poison product works, you will likely have to remove dead, potentially diseased rats.

What is the difference between mice and rats?

The main difference between rats and mice is size. Rats are larger than mice. Therefore, they have larger teeth, and a thicker, longer, hairless tail. People are more likely to make pets of mice due to their smaller features and less menacing appearance.

Do rodents spread diseases?

Rats and mice can spread very serious diseases to humans. Rodents are capable of transmitting various types of Plague. Food that has been exposed to rats may become contaminated with salmonella. Even rat fur can trigger allergies and breathing difficulties. Not only can rats damage your property, but they can also be hazardous to your health.

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