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You may feel like your rat infestation completely overshadows the prestige of owning property in Beverly Hills. Don’t let a rodent problem cause you embarrassment. 360 Rodent Control provides rodent control solutions to Beverly Hills homeowners. Our holistic approach to resolving rat infestations will have you back to enjoying your property after one treatment. As the nation’s leading rodent control specialists, we’re serioius about getting rid of rats.

Possible reasons you have rats

Even spaces that are kept relatively clean can attract rodents. If your home is pristine, but your neighbor’s lawn is unkempt and trash cans are always overflowing, rats can migrate over. In fact, you may unknowingly have several rodent-friendly factors on and around your property. Rats and mice are generally look for the following conditions.

A water source

Rats prefer areas that are close to a nearby water supply. Standing water from leaking pipes, leftover rainwater, and birdbaths can support a rodent infestation. If you have pets, leaving a bowl of water out so your pets can stay hydrated may also be hydrating nearby rats. Eliminate standing water from your property to discourage rats from invading your space.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.


Keeping food away from rats can be challenging. Rodents eat most organic materials. Therefore, improperly disposing of any type of food waste for animals and humans can attract an infestation. This may include fruit and vegetable skins, cores, and seeds as well as the bones and gristle from meat. Keep all perishable foods in a refrigerator or freezer, and store pantry items in sturdy containers with tightly-fitting lids. When storing animal feed, use airtight containers.

Protective shelter

Just like humans, many rodent varieties prefer to have a roof over their heads. For this reason, rats invade nearby homes to take cover from the elements outside. They squeeze through crevices and holes and take up residence in attics, basements, and other secluded areas indoors. If you have a cluttered storage area, rats may use old furniture, books, newspapers, and other items to further hide their presence in your Beverly Hills house.

Beverly Hills rodent control company

The rodent control specialists at 360 Rodent Control use a multi-prong strategy to eliminate even the most severe rodent infestations. Because we understand rodent behavior, we are able to use that knowledge to resolve infestations for good. If you feel like you have been fighting a losing battle against rats, call on our professional team to solve your rat problem.

Rat-proofing your Beverly Hills home

Rat-proofing is an effective strategy whether you currently have rats or if you are looking to prevent an infestation. Rodents can enter your home through openings that are as small as ¼-inch in width. We’ll seal every hole, crack, and crevice to prevent rodents from entering. If you have an active infestation, rodents won’t be able to reenter once we’ve eliminated them.

Attic cleaning and insulation services

Rodents are especially attracted to attics. If your attic is dusty and cluttered, you may be harboring a rat playground. Rats enjoy shredding, gnawing, and burrowing into attic insulation. If your insulation has been compromised by rats, you’ll likely notice a rise in your cooling bills. We can resolve the infestation and repair the damage rodents have done to your home’s insulation. In addition to resolving the infestation, we will thoroughly clean your attic and remove all biological contaminants rats leave behind.

Crawl space cleaning

Your crawl space provides relatively easily accessible shelter from the outdoors. Once inside, rodents may live undetected for as long as they need to until they are able to gnaw their way further into your home’s interior. Once we’ve ousted the rodents and sealed the access holes and cracks, we will clean your crawl space to eliminate all traces of the rodent infestation.

AC maintenance and repair in Beverly Hills

You rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool all summer. However, your AC can do much more. Our licensed technicians provide modern air conditioning solutions that can:

  • lower the indoor humidity level and minimize the “sticky” feeling in the air
  • improve indoor air quality
  • remove odors from the air
  • discourage bugs from invading your space

Contact us to receive an AC inspection. We provide air conditioner repair, maintenance, and installation to Beverly Hills homes.

HVAC duct maintenance

A traditional air conditioner disperses cool air throughout the interior through HVAC ducts. Over time, the ducts can develop cracks. We’ll seal your air conditioning ducts to prevent rodents from entering. If your HVAC ducts are in especially bad shape, we’ll repair or replace them depending on your needs.

Full-service Beverly Hills rodent control company

360 Rodent Control is not just a rodent control company. We have the experience, training, and certifications to provide the maintenance and repair services you need after rodents have done damage. From start to finish, we partner with Beverly Hills homeowners to resolve rat infestations and to restore their properties. Contact us today to learn more about our rodent control and home repair services.

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How many professional treatments does it take to get rid of rats?

We follow a multi-prong approach to rodent control. Because we address your rat problem from multiple angles, we can generally resolve infestations after only one treatment.

Why do people say rodents are filthy?

Unfortunately, the general view that rats and mice are unsanitary animals isn’t a misconception. Rodents love to sift through garbage in search of food and materials they can use to build nests. Both rats and mice are capable of spreading disease to humans through biting, scratching, and leaving behind contaminated waste. If left untreated, certain rodent-borne illnesses can cause death.

Can I use over-the-counter rat control solutions?

Over-the-counter pest control products can be hazardous to pets and children. They also do not address the underlying causes of rodent infestations. Contact us to learn more about why our rodent control strategy is more thorough and more effective.

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