Calabasas is known for its scenic mountainous landscape and celebrity residents. Don’t let your home in the posh Los Angeles suburb become associated with rats. Homeowners in Calabasas count on 360 Rodent Control to keep their houses rodent-free.

Signs of rodents

Spotting a rat is the most obvious sign of a rodent infestation. However, by the time you see a rat, there may already be a sizable population of rodents residing on your property. Fortunately, there are some signs you can look for to determine whether you have rats:

  • rodent droppings
  • the smell of urine
  • the sound of rats running around inside your ceiling
  • the smell of a dead rodent inside your walls
  • unusual behavior in your pets

Rodents’ effect on human health

Rodents are not only unsanitary, but they can directly affect your health in many ways. Rats are infamous for having spread plague across Western Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. Although plague cases aren’t as common or as deadly as they were in the 1300s, there are several other diseases rats spread more commonly including:

  • rat-bite fever
  • leptospirosis
  • salmonella
  • hantaviruses

People who have respiratory conditions can experience symptoms if they merely breathe the air in a space that is infested with rodents. Rodent dander can affect people who have asthma or respiratory disorders. Contact our rodent control specialists to protect your health from the negative effects of a rodent infestation.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Holistic rodent control service in Calabasas

Our approach to eliminating rodents sets us apart. We know that rats create a scent trail when they find an area they like. The scent path allows the rat to travel to and from its now favorite spot without getting lost. Other rodents can use the scent path, too. Rodents are communal creatures in that they bring friends and family members back to your home with them when they venture out. The new rodents create their own scent paths. Before you know it, you have an invisible network of rodent pathways traversing your property.

In addition to eliminating the rodents and the remnants of the infestation, we also clean up the scent paths. With no roadmap to follow back to your property, rats will stay away after we’ve sent them packing.

Rodents’ effect on your property

As if rodents don’t cause enough hassle by triggering allergies and spreading diseases, rats can also destroy your property. Drywall, roof shingles, wood, and virtually any other building material is fair game in the eyes of a rodent.

Fortunately, when we say we’ll solve your rat problem, we mean all of your rat problems. Our team includes knowledgeable technicians who can repair the aftermath of destruction rodents leave after they’ve been ousted.

Calabasas rodent proofing service

Our rodent-proofing service keeps rats out. Rodent-proofing is appropriate whether you already have an infestation or if you’re looking to prevent one in the future. We seal every crevice, crack, and hole rodents might otherwise use as points of entry to your home. Instead of just using standard caulk, we use multiple materials to further block rodents from entering.

Air duct sealing

Your HVAC system may have hidden entrances for rats. A traditional system has ductwork that can develop cracks. Rodents can enter the cracks and infest the ductwork or venture to other parts of the property. We can seal your HVAC system’s air ducts to keep rodents out. In addition to preventing rodent entry, you may also notice a welcomed decrease in your cooling bills.

Attic insulation repair

Rodents love attic insulation. They burrow into it and make cozy nests. They shred insulation foam with their claws. In some cases, rodents will eat attic insulation. While rats do as they please with your home insulation, your air conditioner must work harder to maintain a consistent, cool temperature throughout your home. Our insulation technicians are qualified to install, maintain, and repair your home’s insulation. We’ve identified cost-saving measures that can make our insulation services more affordable while maintaining high quality.

Repairing electrical wires

Mice and rats hide inside your walls and attack your home's electrical system. As rodents gnaw on your electrical wires, the risk of an electrical fire or blackout increases. Rodents may be electrocuted while chewing on hidden wires and cause the unpleasant odor of rodent carcasses to emit from your walls. We are licensed and have the expertise to neutralize the risk by repairing or replacing the damaged wires inside the walls.

Repairing your roof

Roof rats set their sights on your roof and destroy your roofing materials accordingly. These rodents gnaw through roof shingles, wood, and other building materials to make their home inside your roof. The damage roof rodents can do exposes your home to even more serious structural issues. Our team is qualified to install, maintain, and repair roofs.

360 Rodent Control is your one-stop shop in Calabasas for holistic rodent control services and home repairs. Contact us, and take the first step toward your freedom from rodents.

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How do rodents spread diseases to humans?

Rodents spread illnesses directly through scratching and biting. Eating food that has been contaminated by rodents and coming in contact with rodent bodily fluids can also result in humans contracting rodent-borne illnesses. Fleas and ticks can also infect humans through biting if they have previously bitten an infected rodent.

Can I use rodent control products from my local store?

When using consumer-grade rodent control products, it is important to know the specific applications for each product as well as the type of rodent you’re dealing with. There is also more likely to be a period of trial and error before you find a product that works. Contacting a rodent control specialist eliminates the guesswork. Our specialists can readily identify the type of rodent and determine how severe an infestation is. We will always select the most suitable and effective holistic strategy to resolve your rodent infestation once and for all.

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