Having a close encounter with a rat can make it difficult to sleep at night. Rodents spread germs and diseases. They cause damage that can cost hundreds or even thousands to repair. Mice and rats are also capable of bringing fleas, mites, and parasites into your space. You don’t have to solve your rat problem on your own. 360 Rodent Control provides rodent control services in Culver City and surrounding areas. We specalize in resolving severe rat infestations in homes throughout Southern California.

Signs of a rat infestation

The signs of a rodent infestation can be as overt as physically seeing a rat or as subtle as an unusual sound or smell. It’s likely rodents have taken up residence on your property if you observe any of the following:

  • rodent droppings
  • bite marks and holes gnawed into walls
  • gnawed food packaging
  • the sound of rodents running around inside walls and ceilings
  • the ammonia-like smell of rodent urine

Call us if you observe signs of rodents on your property. By the time you actually see a rodent, you may already have a severe infestation.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Reasons you should call a Culver City pest control professional

You may be tempted to grab a few rat traps from the store, but in reality, you may need much more. Eliminating rats is just one aspect of addressing a rodent problem. Rodents can have large litters several times throughout the year. Therefore, it’s important to choose an effective strategy and to act quickly.

Our pest control specialists understand rodent behavior. We resolve the problem from multiple angles. We offer rodent control and rat proofing services to get rid of rats and to prevent them from squeezing back into your home. We also thoroughly clean rodents’ favorite hiding spots to destroy the scent pathways rats and mice use to come and go.

Rodent-proofing your Culver City home

Our rodent-proofing service involves sealing any crack or crevice rodents are likely to use as an entrance. Caulk alone may not be durable enough to curb rodent activity. We use a variety of materials to discourage rodents from chewing their way into your space. Rodent-proofing can benefit you whether you have an active rodent infestation or if you would like to seal your property to protect against future infestations.

Culver City rodent control service

We use a multi-prong strategy to rid your home of rodents for good. Our rodent control specialists understand how rodents think and behave. Rodents use pheromones to produce scent trails to their favorite places on your property. As rats come and go, they bring additional rodents with them to further grow their population. The new rats use the established scent trails and create their own scent trails as they venture to other parts of your property. We eliminate the scent trails so rodents can’t come back once we’ve ousted them.

Health risks posed by rodents

Mice and rats can cause you harm. Rodents are capable of transmitting serious diseases to humans. Common rodent-borne illnesses include:

  • rat-bite fever
  • plague
  • hantaviruses
  • leptospirosis
  • salmonella

Rats and mice spread diseases directly through biting and scratching. Humans can indirectly become infected if they come in contact with an infected rat’s bodily fluids. Fleas, ticks, and mites can also infect humans with a rat-borne illness if they bite a human after biting an infected rat. People who have asthma or another respiratory condition may experience symptoms if they inhale rat or mouse dander. If you suspect you may have rats, protect your health by contacting a rodent control professional.

Repairing the damage rats have done to your property

Not only can a rat infestation cause embarrassment and create health risks, rats can also leave you with a pricey repair bill. In addition to ridding Culver City’s homes of rodents, we also repair the damage rats and mice leave behind after they’re gone.

Attic cleaning and insulation repair

Rats love attics for several reasons. If your attic is dark and secluded, rodents can live there for several weeks or even months before you discover their presence. Attic insulation is particularly attractive to rodents. Mice and rats enjoy burrowing into insulation. Depending on the variety of material you have, rodents may even consume your home’s insulation as a food source.

We’ll decontaminate your attic by cleaning up all signs of rodents. If rats or mice have damaged your home’s insulation, we can repair or replace the damaged material.

Roof repair after rodent infestation

Roof rats invade the highest levels of homes and buildings. They gnaw holes into roofing materials to gain access to your home’s interior. Our rodent control technicians can eliminate your roof rat infestation. Once we’ve sent the rats packing, we can repair or replace your damaged roof.

To learn more about how we can restore your peace of mind by solving your rat problem, contact us today. We’ll take the right steps to give you the rodent-free space you desire.

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How long does it take your rodent control treatment to work?

Our rodent control strategy attacks rodent infestations from multiple angles. We’ll have you rodent-free after one treatment.

Are rats more of a health hazard than mice?

Rats and mice are two different types of rodent. The main difference between the two is size. Although rats appear more menacing due to their larger size, both rats and mice are capable of spreading diseases to humans.

How severe is my rodent infestation?

Rodents are most active at night. Therefore you likely miss much of their activity while you’re sleeping. You may see the occasional rodent during the day, but there may be a much larger population of rodents on your property in secluded spaces like inside walls or in your attic or ceiling. Only a pest control professional can tell you exactly how severe your rodent infestation is. However, if you see multiple rodents during the day, chances are you have a large infestation.

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