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Rats can quickly become a long-term nuisance to any Irvine property owner. Our experienced team members at 360 Rodent Control are Orange County’s trusted rodent control service providers. We resolve rat infestatins in Irvine homes. Our holistic approach to rodent control will have your property rat-free after only one treatment.

Causes of rat infestations

Most people imagine filthy, unsanitary conditions when they think of rats. Nevertheless, rats can invade homes and commercial properties that are generally clean. The following factors attract rodent infestations:

  • availability of a nearby food source
  • availability of water
  • shelter

Chances are your home provides all three elements rodent populations need to thrive. Rats and mice eat a variety of organic materials, including leftover food, animal feed, and discarded fruit and vegetable peels and seeds. They seek out shelter in roofs, attics, basements, and crawl spaces as these areas provide protective shelter in which rodents can build nests and take refuge from the elements outside. Leaking pipes, bird baths, and water left in pet bowls can supply water to a nearby rodent population.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Health hazards associated with rodents

In addition to being an embarrassing problem, a rodent infestation can also be hazardous to your health. Rats and mice are capable of carrying more than 35 diseases that can affect humans. Some rat-borne illnesses include:

  • plague
  • hantaviruses
  • salmonella
  • rat-bite fever
  • leptospirosis
  • tularemia

Depending on the disease, rat-borne illnesses have been known to affect the respiratory system and cause jaundice, diarrhea, ulcers, and flu-like symptoms. If left untreated, certain illnesses spread by rats can cause severe complications and be deadly in some cases. Disease-free rats and mice can also affect the health of nearby humans. Rat fur can trigger allergy and respiratory symptoms, including asthma.

Property damage caused by rats

A rat infestation can cost you thousands in repair bills. Rats chew through more durable materials like polyethylene pipes, soft metals like tin and aluminum, and soft concrete cinder blocks. They use their tiny claws to shred clothing, paper items, and building insulation. Mice and rats can even create entry points by chewing through calked crevices. They create electrical hazards by chewing through wires.

An unresolved rodent infestation can leave your home in disarray. We’ll oust the rats once and for all, and we can even repair the damage rodents leave behind.

Resolving rat infestations in one treatment

The professionals at 360 Rodent Control resolve rat infestations with a multipronged approach. We thoroughly understand rodent behavior. Therefore, we know how to send rats packing and make it incredibly difficult for them to return.

Rat-control service in Irvine, CA

Rodents use pheramones to coordinate their efforts to invade and eventually infest a space. Once a rat or mouse moves into an area, the rodent will create a scent trail. Scent trails allow the initial rodent to come and go to and from the space as it pleases. Typically, rodents will bring more rodents along each time they return to an area. As each rat or mouse discovers new territory on your property and creates a scent trail, the more rodents will use the trails as they grow their population in your residence.

Removing the rodents and clearing out their hiding spots isn’t enough. We control the infestation by eliminating the scent trails. By cleaning up the scent trail, we remove the means by which rodents could otherwise return to your property. That means once your home is rodent-free, it will remain that way.

Irvine rat proofing service

Rat proofing prevents rodents from entering your property. We can rat proof your home whether you’ve had a previous infestation or if you are looking for proactive protection from a rat invasion. We will rat-proof your space by sealing the holes, cracks, and crevices rodents typically use to gain entry. We use a variety of materials to further prevent rats from accessing the interior of your home.

Attic cleaning and insulation services

Rats are especially drawn to attics for several reasons. Attics are usually cluttered, secluded spaces that offer rodents protective shelter. Rats and mice also love ripping through, burrowing into, and sometimes eating attic insulation. If rats have damaged your home’s insulation, you will likely notice an increase in your cooling bills.

If you have rodents in your attic, we’ll thoroughly clean to space to eliminate biological materials rodents leave in their secluded spots. We will remove all nests, feces, urine, blood, dander, and the scent trails rodents use to return to their favorite areas. We also offer cost-effective insulation services to repair or replace any insulation rats have damaged. In addition to cleaning your attic, we offer a service to clean your home’s crawl space.

AC and HVAC services

An improperly-functioning air conditioner can cause discomfort and encourage pests to invade your space. We offer state-of-the-art air conditioning services to help you stay cool all summer. We can also install, repair, or seal your HVAC ducts to keep rats out and to keep cool air in.

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How can I determine the severity of my rat infestation?

Even if you have only seen one or two rats on your property, you may have a larger infestation. Our technicians can determine the extent of your rat problem by carefully examining your property and checking for signs of rodents in the places rats love to hide.

What should I do if I hear rats on the roof or in the ceiling?

Give us a call! We can examine your roof and eliminate any signs of infestation we find. We can also seal and repair any damage rodents may have done to your roof to prevent rats from returning.

How can you ensure my property is truly rat-free?

Rats use scent trails to reinvade spaces they have previously inhabited. We destroy the scent trails so rats can no longer use their chemical paths to retrace their steps. We’ll also return to reexamine your property and to make sure you remain rat-free.

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