Marina del Rey homes and call 360 Rodent Control when they have rats. We are Southern California's leading rodent control service provider. Our team has developed a multi-prong holistic approach to resolving severe rodent infestations. We provide services throughout the state.

Identifying a rodent problem

Physically seeing a rat is the most apparent indicator of rodents living on your property. Unfortunately, by the time you see a rat, your home may already have a substantial infestation. Before you spot a rat, there are other telltale signs that reveal the presence of rodents. You can reasonably conclude that you have rats if you observe the following:

  • rodent droppings
  • tiny footprints in dusty areas
  • the sound of rodents inside the walls or ceiling
  • the smell of rodent urine
  • bite marks on food packaging
  • bite marks on walls
  • unusual behavior in pets

Contact a rodent control professional if you believe you may have rats. We’ll thoroughly examine your property and devise an effective plan to solve your rat problem.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

How rodents choose their targets

You may be wondering why rodents have chosen to invade your space. Rats enjoy unclean, cluttered environments. But you may find yourself battling against rodents even if you keep your space relatively clean. There are certain conditions that attract rats much to the surprise of many unsuspecting Marina del Rey homeowners.

Standing water

Rodents establish their populations in areas that are close to a consistent water supply. Birdbaths and pools of water left over from rainfalls and sprinkler systems provide water to rodents outside. Leaking pipes are a common indoor water source for rodents. In some cases, rats will use your pet’s unattended water dish if you leave water out for your pet around the clock.

Improperly Stored Food

Mice and rats often invade residential kitchens, pantries, restaurants, and garbage areas. Rodents are scent-driven animals. Therefore, they find food more easily if it isn’t stored in an airtight, sturdy container. They will set up shop near your trash can if you do not dispose of food waste in durable trash cans with tightly-fitting lids. If you have pets, leaving leftover food in your pet’s dish can signal rodents to invade your space in search of regular meals.

Protective Shelter

Your home provides all the shelter rodents need. Whether they take up residence inside your walls, ceiling, or crawl space, rodents are happy to have your roof over their heads to protect them from the outdoor elements. You are more likely to observe rats in low-traffic areas where they can avoid detection while they build nests and grow their population. Household clutter like dusty, unused furniture and old newspapers provides additional protection.

If rodents have set their sights on your property, we’ll send them packing. Contact our rodent control specialists to learn more about our holistic rodent control services in Marina del Rey.

Marina del Rey rodent control company

We base our approach to rodent control on many years of experience and our thorough understanding of rodent behavior. Rats and mice use pheromones to communicate with each other and to create scent pathways. Once established, rodents use scent paths to travel to and from their favorite areas in your home. As rodents come and go, they bring additional rodents with them to further increase their numbers. In addition to eliminating rats from your property, we also clean up the scent paths to prevent the rats from returning.

Rodent proofing your Marina del Rey home

Rodent proofing your house can keep recently removed rodents from returning and prevent future infestations from happening. When we rodent proof, we seal every hole, crack, and crevice rodents can use to gain access to your space. We use multiple types of materials to make it even more difficult for rodents to invade your space.

Property damage caused by rodents

In addition to making your space feel unclean, rodents can do property damage that translates to hundreds or thousands of dollars in home repairs. In addition to resolving rat infestations, we are also qualified to repair the damage rodents often cause.

Attic cleaning and insulation repair

Dark, secluded attics are particularly attractive spaces to mice and rats. If your attic is cluttered, they are likely to love it even more. Rodents are able to live undetected in isolated attic spaces for extended periods of time. They enjoy clawing, shredding, and burrowing into attic insulation. Some rodents will eating certain types of insulation as a food source.

We’ll clean your attic and remove all rodent contaminants. If rats have destroyed your insulation, we can repair or replace the damage.

Electrical wire repair

When rats live inside the walls, they often gnaw at the electrical wires. Damaged wires increase the risk of blackouts and electrical fires in your home or business. After ridding your walls of rats, our technicians can make your electrical system safe again by repairing or replacing any damaged wiring.

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What are some drawbacks of using over-the-counter rodent control products?

Some DIY products are ineffective against certain types of rodents. Others may expose small children and pets to poison. When you go the DIY route, you forego the knowledge and expertise a professional rodent control specialist can leverage to your benefit.

Are rodents hazardous to human health?

Mice and rats are capable of spreading diseases to humans. They spread diseases directly through biting and scratching humans. Transmission can also occur if humans come in contact with an infected rat’s urine, feces, blood, or saliva. Biting insects like fleas and ticks can also spread disease to humans if they bite an infected rodent prior to biting a human.

What is the difference between rats and mice?

The major difference between rats and mice is size. Rats are larger. Because mice have more delicate features, people are more inclined to have mice as pets. Nevertheless, both rodent varieties can carry parasites and diseases in human spaces.

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