Whether you own commercial or residential property in Torrance, CA, 360 Rodent Control has a holistic rodent control strategy that will keep your space rat-free. You don’t have to struggle with rodents in your home. Our strategy is effective in the toughest rodent infestation cases.

Rodent infestations at home

Rodents can disrupt your home life. Hearing rodents running around inside your walls and ceilings and smelling rodent urine can make your home feel unclean. You have to take extra caution when storing food in your kitchen. You may feel uncomfortable inviting guests to your home. Our rodent control specialists will solve your rat problem so you can get back to enjoying your life at home.

Rodents in your place of business

Your business reputation depends on the cleanliness and safety of your space. If you invite customers into your shop or restaurants, signs of a rodent infestation can lead to serious reputational damage. Even if you don’t conduct onsite transactions, customers want to have peace of mind in knowing your products come from a clean, rodent-free environment. Rodents may otherwise contaminate inventory and spread illness or trigger allergic reactions in people who come in contact with items from your rodent-infested space.

Holistic rodent control service

Our approach to rodent control sets us apart from other pest control companies. We base our strategies on our thorough understanding of how rodents behave. Rodents create scent paths that allow them to travel back and forth between their favorite areas in your home without getting lost. Other rodents can also detect and use the scent path. When rodents venture out from your property, they bring more rodents back with them. The new rodents explore other parts of your property and create their own scent path.

We clean up the scent trails. With no path to follow back to your property, rodents can’t return after we’ve ousted them


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Rodent proofing your Torrance home

One of the best ways to keep rodents out is to seal the cracks they use to enter. Rodents can squeeze through cracks that are as narrow as ¼-inch across. We seal all the cracks to keep rodents out. Our technicians use multiple materials to make it more difficult for rodents to enter your space.

Air duct sealing

If you have a traditional HVAC system, your air conditioner distributes cold air through hidden ductwork. Over time, the ductwork can develop cracks that allow cooled air to escape. Rodents can also enter through the cracks. We can seal your system’s air ducts to prevent rats from entering. As a bonus, your cooling bills will likely decrease.

Damage caused by rodents

Rats destroy most things in their path. Their tiny teeth tear through drywall, wood, and even some soft metals. They shred through fabrics, paper, and garbage scraps with their sharp claws. In addition to providing holistic rodent control services, we can also do home repair services. Even though we specialize in rats, our we also deliver outstanding workmanship in the following areas:

  • Roof repair
  • Electrical wiring repair
  • Attic insulation repair

Repairs to roof

Do you hear rodents living inside your roof? A variety of rodent that lives in the highest levels of houses and buildings, roof rats can wreak havoc on your roof. These rodents gnaw through your roof’s shingles, wood, and other materials. The damage roof rats cause can expose your roof to more serious issues. Our technicians are qualified to install, repair, and maintain your roof.

Electrical wiring repair

Rodents inside your wall are likely to attack your electrical system. As rats gnaw on the wires hidden inside your walls, they increase the risk of a blackout or even an electrical fire happening. We’ll neutralize the risk by ousting the rodents and repairing the damage.

Attic insulation repair

When rats invade your attic, their first target is usually the insulation. Rodents treat insulation like it’s their own personal amusement park. They dig through it, shred it with their claws, and burrow into it. Some rodents even enjoy eating attic insulation like cotton candy. As rodents destroy your home’s insulation, your air conditioner must work harder to evenly cool your home.

Our team has years of experience in the insulation industry. We’ve identified cost-saving measures that make our pricing more reasonable while delivering reliable quality. We can install, replace, and maintain your attic insulation. As a bonus, your cooling costs will likely decrease after we’ve replaced your damaged insulation foam.

Torrance rodent control specialists

We are the trusted rodent control company for Torrance homes. Not only will our solutions rid your home of rats, but you can trust that the results will last. Our dedicated team will take extra steps to ensure you remain rodent-free.

Contact 360 Rodent Control to learn how we can solve your rat problems once and for all. We provide service in Torrance and throughout Southern California.

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Are rats unsanitary?

Rats target trash cans, dumpsters, and other unclean areas. They are capable of spreading diseases, including plague, hantaviruses, and leptospirosis to humans. They leave their droppings and urine wherever they please in your home. It is not uncommon for rodents to bite and scratch humans. Humans can also contract rodent-borne illnesses if they eat rodent-contaminated food or come in contact with an infected rodent’s bodily fluid. To protect your health, contact a rodent control specialist at the first sign of rodents on your property.

Are mice unsanitary?

Mice are also unsanitary. In fact, rats and mice are generally the same except rats are the larger variety of rodent. Both types of rodent are capable of spreading diseases to humans. Rats and mice can also carry fleas, ticks, and parasites into your home.

How long will it be before I see results?

We are able to resolve rodent infestations with a single treatment. Contact us for your most challenging rat problems. We specialize in resolving very severe rat infestations.

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