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Santa Ana offers a diverse cultural scene with fun festivals, eclectic dining, and activities for the whole family. Rodents; however, can make it difficult to fully enjoy your property in such a vibrant community. Local homeowners all 360 Rodent Control to eliminate their rodent infestations. Our holistic rodent control solution will banish rats from your home after only one treatment.

Causes of Santa Ana rat infestations

No one wants to think about the possibility of having a rodent infestation. However, proactively removing conditions that commonly attract rodents to your property can prevent rats and mice from invading your space. The following factors increase the risk of a rodent infestation.

Unclean and uncluttered conditions

Rodents love filth. They shred garbage and use the pieces to build nests. Rats and mice scavenge for food scraps and organic materials they can eat. Standing water from leaking pipes may serve as a water supply for a nearby rodent population. Even in a clean, sanitary household, mice may use general clutter to conceal their whereabouts. To avoid attracting rodents, we recommend the following:

  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Dispose of or donate old furniture, books, and household goods that may clutter your space and create hiding places for rodents.
  • Keep your garbage in trash cans with tightly-fiitting lids.

Contact 360 Rodent Control to have us inspect your property for holes and cracks in your building materials. Rodents can often use small openings to enter a house or building. Once inside, rodents create scent trails to attract other rodents to their newfound place of residence.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Unattended animal feed and water

If you have pets, you may regularly leave food and water in feeding dishes for your furry family members. Although your intent is to keep your dog or cat fed and hydrated throughout the day, you may also be unknowingly feeding rats. Rodents treat unattended pet bowls as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Covering food and water dishes or removing them from the floor after feeding time greatly reduces the window of opportunity for stealthy rats and mice to fill up on pet food. Avoid leaving water and seeds in birdbaths and rodent-accessible bird feeders.

Unmaintained outdoor areas

Even if rodents do not have easy access to your home or commercial building, unkempt outdoor spaces can offer the reliable food source and protective shelter rats and mice need to grow their populations. Be sure to rake and bag leaves and remove yard clippings after trimming vegetation or mowing the lawn. If rats successfully set up shop in your yard, they can eventually move into your home at the first opportunity.

Treating and preventing rat infestations in Santa Ana

The professionals at 360 Rodent Control focus on holistically eliminating rodent infestations from Santa Ana homes. Instead of simply exterminating rats and mice, we implement measures to control the rodent population. We also thoroughly clean the places rodents love to hide. Cleaning eliminates the chemical trails rats and mice utilize to return to the spots they have previously invaded. We offer the following services to control rodent infestations and to effectively eliminate rats once and or all.

Attic and crawl space cleaning

If you hear mice scurrying around in your attic, it’s time to call a rodent control expert. Rats and mice are particularly drawn to attics and crawl spaces because both offer secluded, secure shelter. Rats can make their home inside of attic insulation. Crawl spaces are easily accessed from your home’s exterior. They protect rats and mice from the outdoor elements. From the crawl space, rodents can eventually gain further access to a home’s interior.

As rodents claw through your home’s insulation and destroy the material, you will likely notice a dramatic increase in your heating and cooling bills. Rodents also leave droppings and urine that can create health hazards while attracting more rats and mice to your property. After inspecting your attic or crawlspace, we will thoroughly clean all biological contaminants left by rodents. We’ll also prevent future infestations by removing all other debris and nesting materials.

Rodent proofing Santa Ana homes

Mice can squeeze through holes that are as small as one-fourth of an inch in diameter. Our rodent-proofing service protects you from rodent invasions by sealing every hole, crack, and crevice. We use multiple materials to keep rats outside.

Rodent-proofing prevents infestation from occurring even if you have never seen or heard a rat or mouse in or near your space. If you believe you have rats, we can eliminate the rats and rodent-proof your residential or commercial property to prevent the rats from coming back.

HVAC duct repair and AC services

A well-maintained HVAC system is one of your strongest allies in the fight against rodent invasions. Our state-of-the-art air conditioning services will keep you cool and comfortable on the hottest days of the year. We provide air duct replacement and repair services to prevent rodents from entering your space through your HVAC ducts. If you struggle to keep your home cool due to direct sun exposure, we can install a radiant heat barrier to lower your cooling costs.

Roofing services

Your home’s roof may be hiding potential entry points for roof rats. Because roof rats can cause serious damage to your home, it is important to detect and erradicate the destructive rodents early. In addition to resolving roof rat infestations, we can repair, replace, or maintain your roof according to your needs.

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What should I do if rats have destroyed my home’s insulation?

We can replace your home’s insulation. Over the years, we have identified cost-saving that can make our insulation services more affordable for you.

Should I be concerned if rats have chewed through electrical wires in my home?

While a chewed wire may seem like minor damage, damage to any electrical component in your home may be cause for concern. We repair damaged wires caused by rodent infestations

How many treatments will I need to resolve a rodent infestation?

Our holistic approach resolves rodent infestations in one treatment

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