One of the Los Angeles area’s most popular beachfront cities, Santa Monica blends sunny skies, ocean views, a bustling restaurant scene, and shopping. Unfortunately, rats love Santa Monica as much as the city's human inhabitants. If you are struggling with a rodent infestation, 360 Pest Control has the answers. We are Santa Monica’s holistic rodent control specialists.

Holistic rodent control service in Santa Monica

If you have rats, you may feel too embarrassed to invite visitors to your home. A rodent infestation can easily disrupt your lifestyle. The good news is 360 Pest Control can resolve the most severe and challenging rat infestations. Based on years of experience and our thorough understanding of how rats think and behave, we have developed a multi-prong, holistic approach to getting rid of rats.

Rodent invasions and health concerns

Not only can rats make you feel embarrassed, but they can negatively affect your health and the health of the people around you. Rats received a notorious reputation worldwide after the bubonic plague spread across Europe and parts of Asia and North Africa in the mid 1300s. Although they are less likely to cause death today, Old World and New World versions of the plague are among the diseases rodents continue to spread in modern times. Other diseases rats transmit include:

  • Hantaviruses
  • Leptospirosis
  • Salmonella
  • Rat-bite fever

Some people experience negative health effects by merely breathing the air in an infested space. Rodent dander can trigger respiratory symptoms in people who have asthma or allergies.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Property damage caused by rodents

As if the hassle of dealing with a rat infestation isn’t enough, rodents can cost you money. Rats and mice gnaw tirelessly through walls, wires, and roofing materials. They can make your home uncomfortable and even unsafe. In addition to resolving rodent infestations, our team can also repair the damage rats cause. We are also qualified to assist you with:

  • roof repair, maintenance, and installation
  • electrical wire repair and installation
  • insulation repair, maintenance, and installation
  • air duct repair, replacement, and sealing

Roof repair service

If you hear animals scurrying around inside your roof or attic, you may have roof rats. A variety of rodent that dwells in the highest levels of houses and buildings, roof rats can destroy your roof by gnawing holes into the materials and building nests. We’ll oust the rodents from your roof and repair any damage they’ve left behind. Your home’s roof is one of its most valuable components. To protect your property value, don’t let roof rats linger.

Electrical wiring repair

Rodents living inside your wall can place your property at significant risk. Wall rats chew on electrical wires. With rats haphazardly gnawing on electrical components, the risk of a blackout or electrical fire increases. Moreover, as rodents chew through wires, they are sometimes electrocuted, which can lead to the unpleasant smell of rodent carcases coming from your walls.

Attic cleaning and insulation repair

Rats often set up shop in secluded dusty attics. They provide a protective space in which rodents can quietly grow their population while avoiding detection. Cluttered attics are especially attractive to rodents. Household clutter provides rats with additional protective covering and an array of materials they can gnaw and shred. Rats also love to shred, gnaw, and burrow into attic insulation.

We offer an attic cleaning service to remove rodent scent trails and decontaminate the attic space of all biological remnants of a rodent infestation. If rodents have destroyed your home’s attic insulation, we can repair or replace the damaged material. We offer cost-saving solutions that can make our insulation service more affordable without compromising on overall value.

HVAC sealing

Traditional HVAC systems use ducts to distribute conditioned air into different rooms through air ducts. As air ducts age, they can develop cracks. Rodents can enter through the cracks and infest the air ducts. We will seal any cracks in your air ducts to keep rodents out. If your air ducts are damaged, we can repair or replace them. As an additional benefit, you may see a decrease in your cooling bills.

Calling a Rodent Control Specialist

Your first thought upon seeing a rat may be to rush to the hardware store and purchase rat traps. Chances are your situation calls for much more intervention. We recommend consulting a rodent control specialist to determine the type of rodent you have, the size of the infestation, and the most appropriate rodent control strategy for your unique case. 360 Rodent Control is the nation’s leading rodent control service provider. Therefore, we take rats very seriously. We’ll address your rat problem from multiple angles and follow up to ensure the rats don’t come back.

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How quickly will I see results?

Our holistic rodent control strategy attacks rat problems from multiple angles. We eliminate rats and clean up the scent pathways they use to come and go. With no pathways to follow, rodents will be unable to return to your property once ousted. You will see results after one treatment.

Why did my property attract rats?

Rats generally seek three elements: food, water, and shelter. Improperly storing food, discarding garbage in unsecured trash cans, keeping cluttered or unsanitary conditions can attract rats.

How do rodents spread diseases to humans?

Rodents spread diseases directly by biting or scratching humans. Indirect transmission occurs when humans come in contact with an infected rodent’s bodily fluids. People who have asthma or allergies may experience respiratory symptoms if they are exposed to rodent dander. Biting insects like fleas and ticks are capable of transmitting diseases from rodents to humans if they bite a human after biting an infected rodent. The best way to protect your health is to avoid contact with rodent-contaminated areas and contact a rodent control professional at the first sign of a rodent problem.

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