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Silver Lake homeowners count on 360 Rodent Control to keep their properties rodent-free. We use a holistic approach to eliminate rat infestations and to prevent rodents from returning. In addition to providing rodent control services in Silverlake, we are also qualified to repair damage caused by rodents to your roof, insulation, electrical wiring, and HVAC system.

Signs of a rodent infestation

Rats and mice are most active at night. Therefore, your property may be infested long before you actually see a rat. Fortunately, there are more subtle signs that will alert you of the presence of rodents before you have a rat sighting. Signs of a rodent infestation include:

  • the lingering ammonia-like odor of rodent urine
  • rodent feces
  • tiny footprints in dusty areas
  • bite marks in walls and food packaging
  • shredded garbage
  • rodent nests
  • hearing rodents scampering inside the ceiling or walls

If you believe you may have a rat problem, contact the rodent control specialists at 360 Rodent Control. We’ll examine your property and determine the best approach to ridding your space of rodents once and for all.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Why you need a professional rodent control service

You may be tempted to go out and buy a few rat traps or ignore your potential rodent problem altogether if it seems small enough. However, ignoring a rat problem will likely make matters worse. Rodents are capable of having large litters several times a year. In addition to reproducing quickly, they leave behind scent trails on your property to attract other rodents into your space. We use a multi-prong strategy to oust rodents from your property and eliminate the scent trails so the rodents can’t return.

We apply our thorough understanding of rodent behavior to deliver the most effective rodent control solutions with results that last. After we have treated your property, we’ll come back at a future date to ensure the rodents haven’t returned.

How rodents can damage your home

Rats aren’t just annoying and filthy. They can do physical damage to your property and potentially cost you thousands of dollars. Rodents gnaw through building materials and can ultimately damage your:

  • attic insulation
  • walls
  • electrical system
  • roof

360 Rodent Control is the only company you need to call to eliminate a rodent infestation and to repair the damage rats have left behind. Our diverse team of professionals includes qualified home repair technicians.

Silver Lake rodent proofing:
Types of services we offer

Our rodent proofing service is beneficial whether you currently have rodents or if you would like to prevent future infestations. We will rodent-proof your Silver Lake home by sealing every crack, crevice, and hole rodents could possibly use as a point of entry. We use a variety of materials to make it more difficult for mice and rats to invade your space.

Attic insulation services

When rats make their way into an attic, they are especially drawn to the insulation. Mice and rats love to claw at attic insulation and burrow into it. Rodents even like to eat certain types of insulation as a food source. While your attic insulation supports a growing infestation, your cooling bills will likely rise as your air conditioner works harder to evenly cool your space. Not only can the pest control specialists at 360 will eliminate the rats from your attic, but our insulation repair technicians will repair or replace the damaged insulation.

Attic cleaning services

Our job doesn’t stop at ridding your attic of rodents. We also offer attic cleaning services to remove all rodent contaminants. We’ll thoroughly clean to eliminate rat pheromones, feces, urine, dander, and any other leftover biological materials. Rodents potentially carry diseases in their bodily fluids. We will protect your health and prevent rodents from returning by decontaminating your attic.

Crawl space cleaning services

For outdoor rats, your home’s crawl space is one of the easiest areas to access for protective shelter. Rats can often live undetected in a home’s crawl space for an extended period before making their way further into the interior. If you notice a long-lasting unpleasant smell that you can’t quite pinpoint, you may have rodents in your home’s crawl space. Similar to our attic cleaning service, our crawl space cleaning service will eliminate all rodent contaminants including the lingering odor.

Roof repair services

Roof rats are a variety of rodent that can take up residence inside your roof. They prefer to reside in the highest parts of a building’s structure. Similar to other rodents, roof rats gnaw through roofing materials and can cause substantial damage. We provide roof repair, installation, and maintenance services to keep your roof rodent-free and protect your property from rodent damage.

HVAC duct sealing

If you have a traditional HVAC system, your air conditioner distributes conditioned air throughout the interior through ducts. HVAC ducts can develop cracks as they age. Rodents can enter homes and buildings through cracks in the HVAC ducts. Our technicians can prevent rats from entering by sealing the open spaces. We can also repair or replace HVAC ducts that are very old or damaged.

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Why should I hire professionals?

Getting rid of rodents is usually not enough to resolve an infestation. A professional rodent control specialist can thoroughly examine your property and recommend additional steps to prevent rodents from returning.

How long does it take to resolve a rodent infestation

Our rodent control specialists can resolve your rodent infestation after one treatment. We will visit your property again in the future to ensure the rodents haven’t returned.

How do rodents spread diseases to humans?

Humans can become ill by direct or indirect contact with rodents. People who have allergies or certain respiratory ailments may experience symptoms after inhaling rat dander. Rodents directly infect humans through biting and scratching. Coming in contact with an infected rodent’s bodily fluid and eating rodent-contaminated food can also spread illness to humans. Fleas and ticks can possibly carry rodent-born illnesses to humans if they bite a human after biting an infected rodent.

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