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Residential and commercial property owners in Simi Valley trust 360 Rodent Control to keep their homes rat-free. We are Southern California’s holistic pest control company. Call on us to resolve your most complex rodent infestations.

Discovering you have a rat problem

Rodents generally prefer to stay out of the way. For that reason, you are unlikely to see a rat until there is a sizable rat population on your property. Fortunately, there are several other signs you can look for to determine whether you have rats, including:

  • rodent droppings
  • tiny rat footprints in dusty areas
  • chewed food packaging
  • bite marks on walls
  • the lingering smell of rat urine
  • the sound of rats running inside the walls or ceiling
  • strange behavior in your pets

Rodents are capable of spreading diseases and causing significant property damage. Contact a rodent control specialist at the first sign of rats on your property.

Conditions that attract rats

If you keep your property relatively clean and orderly, you may be wondering how it’s plausible that you have rats. Rodents aren’t only attracted to garbage dumps. In fact, there may be some factors on your property that are supporting a nearby rodent population.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Rats require a water supply

Rodents may be hydrating themselves from the water sources you least suspect. If your yard has inadequate drainage, you may have pools of standing water after a rainfall or when watering your lawn, small trees, and shrubs. Rats will take advantage of standing water in your yard. They will even use a bird bath as your community well. Leaking pipes and your pet’s water dish can also serve as a watering station.

Rats prefer to live near a food source

Households and food-oriented businesses are more likely to struggle with keeping food away from rats. Rodents have sharp teeth that can tear through food packaging. They lurk in alleys, dumpsters, and other garbage disposal areas in search of discarded food waste and scraps. Storing food items in airtight, sturdy containers will deter rats from searching for food in your kitchen. When leaving your garbage outside, use study cans with lids that fit tightly.

Rats want protective shelter

Similar to humans, rats want protection from the elements. One of the reasons they venture into your house is to seek protective shelter. Basements, crawl spaces, and attics are often the first places rats invade because they are generally the most accessible from outside.

Professional rodent control vs. DIY

Your first inclination may lead you to the pest control aisle at your local hardware store. DIY pest control items are not designed to universally remedy every rat problem. Depending on the variety of rodent you have, steel traps and certain poisons may not be effective. Even if you do effectively poison the rats on your property, you will be left with the task of disposing of potentially disease-carrying dead rat carcasses.

Rodent infestations usually require a solution that resolves the problem from multiple angles. Our rodent control specialists will leverage their experience and thorough understanding of rodent behavior to deliver effective solutions according to your needs.

Rodent control company in Simi Valley

We are Southern California’s holistic answer to the most severe rat problems. We base our strategy on our knowledge of how rats think, move, and behave. When a rat enters your home and finds a place to settle, it creates a scent path. Not only can the rat use the path to come and go from the area as it pleases, but other rodents can detect and make use of the scent path as well. As rodents venture back and forth, they bring more rodents with them. The new rodents create even more scent paths as they find their own favorite spots.

Instead of solely focusing on the rodents themselves, we also clean up the scent trails. With no path to follow back to your property, rodents can’t return after they’ve been ousted.

Rat proofing your Simi valley home

One of the best ways to keep rats out of your space is to fortify your existing physical barriers. Rats can enter through cracks that are as narrow as 1/4-inch in width. We seal every hole, crack, and crevice to prevent rodents from squeezing into your space. We use multiple materials to make it even more difficult for rats to gnaw their way inside. Rodent proofing is an effective service whether you are in the process of eliminating an existing infestation or if you’d like to seal your space to discourage future infestations.

Attic and crawl space cleanup

When rodents set up shop inside your home, they begin to spread waste and other potentially-toxic contaminants. Not only can rodent contaminants affect your health, but they cause unpleasant smells. We thoroughly clean and decontaminate your attic and crawl space to remove remnants from the infestation and to eliminate rodent scent trails. Your attic and crawl space will smell better and be free of rodents and toxins.

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What’s the difference between rats and mice?

The main difference between rats and mice is their size. Mice may seem less threatening than rats, but both varieties of rodents can spread diseases and affect the health of humans.

Do over-the-counter rat poisons work?

Rat poisons work by affecting the rodent’s central nervous system. A major drawback to using rat poison is that the same chemicals that kill rats is also toxic to humans and pets. Killing rats only addresses one angle of a rodent infestation. Contact a professional rodent control company to have your infestation resolved and to prevent reinfestation.

How did rats get inside my home’s walls?

Rodents squeeze through cracks in the structure of your home and migrate until they find an area in which they’d like to settle. Our technicians can seal cracks in your walls to prevent rodents from reentering once ousted.

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