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One of the safest cities in California, Thousand Oaks has picturesque suburbs and plenty of things to do. If you’re struggling with a rodent infestation in your house, life may not seem so idyllic. 360 Rodent Control is the pest control company Thousand Oaks households entrust to solve their rodent problems. Our holistic rodent control strategy will have you rat-free after one treatment.

Conditions that attract rodents

Most people associate rats with garbage and unclean conditions. You may be surprised to learn that there may be normal, everyday things you do in your home that can sustain a rodent population. In addition to preferring sheltered, secluded, protective settings, rats generally like to live near food and water. The following factors may be attracting rodents to your home.

Standing water

Like all living things, rodents need water. In residential areas, common outdoor rodent water sources include bird baths, fountains, and puddles left over from rainfalls and sprinklers. Inside your home, rats will hydrate themselves by drinking the puddles from leaking pipes and leftover water in your pet’s water bowl.

Accessible food sources for rats

Restaurants, residential kitchens, food stores and other food-based businesses are prime targets for rat invasions. In residential settings, rodents eat bird seed from bird feeders and food left unattended by household pets. They raid dumpsters and trash areas in search of trash cans they can enter by squeezing under a loosely-fitting lid or gnawing a hole into the container.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

What to do if you’ve seen a rat

Whether you’ve heard rodents running around in the ceiling or if you’ve physically seen a rat, your first thought may be to panic. Your second thought may be to head to the hardware store and purchase rat poison or rat traps. Instead of panicking or taking matters into your own hands, call a professional. Rodent infestations require a comprehensive strategy. Simply focusing on getting rid of the rats isn’t enough. We address the underlying cause of the infestation, and we take the necessary steps to prevent the rats from coming back.

Holistic rodent control company in Thousand Oaks

We base our holistic rodent control strategy on our understanding of the way rats behave. Rats use pheromones to communicate. When a rodent moves into your home, it creates a scent trail to allow it to come and go at will. As rodents come and go, they bring more rodents back with them. The new arrivals go to other parts of your property and find their own favorite hiding places. Before you know it, you have a network of rat scent paths traversing your property.

In addition to eliminating the rats, we get rid of the scent trails. With no paths to follow back to your home, the rodents will move along and not return.

Rodent proofing your Thousand Oaks property

You may be wondering how rodents made their way inside your Thousand Oaks home. Mice and rats can squeeze in through the tiniest spaces. We create a physical barrier to entry by sealing every crack, hole, and crevice. Instead of using standard caulk to do the sealing, we use a variety of materials to further deter rodents from entering your space. Rodent-proofing is an effective strategy whether you are in the process of getting rid of a current infestation or if you’d like to proactively thwart future infestations.

Attic and crawl space cleaning

Rodents make themselves at home in the most secluded areas on your property. When they settle in, they leave behind waste, blood, dander, and other potentially toxic contaminants. We clean and decontaminate the attic and crawl space to neutralize toxins and bad smells. Not only will rodents be a thing of the past, but so will the remnants of the infestation.

Attic insulation repair

Attic insulation is a rat’s playground. They love to burrow into it to make a cozy nest, gnaw at it as a food source, and shred insulation foam with their tiny claws. As rats enjoy your insulation, your air conditioner must work harder to keep your home evenly cooled. Our team is extensively experienced in installing, maintaining, and repairing attic insulation. We’ve identified cost-reducing measures that can save you money if rodents have destroyed your attic insulation.

Electrical wiring repair

If rodents have set up shop inside your walls, your home’s electrical system may be at risk. Rats gnaw at electrical wires and increase the risk of a blackout or electrical fire occurring. Our rodent control specialists will treat the wall infestation. Our licensed repair technicians will repair or replace the damaged wires to neutralize the risk.

360 Rodent Control is your one-stop shop for rat control and related home repairs. We provide holistic rodent control services to houses in Thousand Oaks and surrounding areas.

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How soon will I see results?

We can generally resolve a rodent infestation after one treatment. We’ll even come back and examine your property to ensure the rats are gone for good.

Can rodents affect human health?

Rodents can be extremely toxic to humans. They are capable of spreading serious diseases to humans. Mice and rats bite and scratch. Rodent dander can trigger respiratory allergies and asthma symptoms. Fleas and ticks can also hitch a ride into your home on the bodies of rodents. Call a rodent control specialist to learn how you can protect your health from the effects of a rodent infestation.

How can I tell if my property has a severe infestation?

If you regularly see rodents during the daytime hours, chances are you have a very severe rodent infestation. Otherwise, looks can be deceiving. Rodents are most active at night. Therefore, it’s possible for you to have a sizable rodent population on your property before you actually see a rodent. To accurately determine the size of the infestation, contact a rodent control specialist, and request a consultation.

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