Van Nuys residential and commercial property owners who struggle with rats call on 360 Rodent Control. We are a leading provider of long-term rodent control solutions. Our holistic approach to resolving rat infestations is based on our multiprong treatment strategy that will eliminate rats and mice from your Van Nuys home after one treatment.

Signs of rodent infestation

A single rat sighting may not immediately create a sense of urgency. However, the occasional rat sighting may be symptomatic of a much larger infestation. Mice and rats are nocturnal. Therefore, you are less likely to see and hear them during the day. Even if you don’t see a rat, there are often other signs that indicate a possible rodent infestation. Rodents are likely present if you observe:

  • rat or mouse droppings
  • an ammonia-like urine scent
  • tiny rodent footprints in dusty areas
  • shredded strips of garbage
  • rodent nests
  • rhe sound of rodents scampering inside walls and ceilings
  • unusual behavior in your pets

If you suspect you may have rats, give us a call. Our rodent control specialists will determine the extent of your rodent problem and offer an effective solution.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

How a rodent infestation can affect your health

Rats and mice can spread diseases to humans. Most people think of plague when they imagine rat-borne illnesses. During the 1300s, a bubonic plague epidemic spread across Europe and killed millions. Today, plague is generally categorized into Old World and New World varieties. Most cases of Old World plague occur in Asia, Africa, and Europe whereas most New World plague infections occur in North, South, and Central America. Plague cases can affect the respiratory system or cause fever, chills, and pain, depending on the disease variety. If left untreated, plague can cause death.

In addition to plague, rats can spread other diseases. Some examples are:

  • rat-bite fever
  • hantaviruses
  • tularemia
  • typhus
  • hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome

To avoid puting yourself and others at risk, contact a rodent control specialist at the first sign of rats or mice. Our services will rid your home of rodents. We also clean the biological toxins rats and mice leave behind.

Property damage caused by rodents

In addition to affecting your health, rats can do substantial damage to your property. Rodents love to inhabit secluded places like attics and crawl spaces. They often shred and burrow into attic insulation to make cozy homes for themselves. When living inside walls, rodents chew electrical wiring. The damage rodents cause by chewing wires can increase the risk of a blackout or electrical fire.

We can stop rats and mice in their tracks before they do more damage to your property. We employ licensed professionals who are qualified to repair, replace, and maintain:

  • electrical wiring
  • attic insulation
  • air conditioners
  • roofs

When you call us, you can count on us to be your one-stop shop to rid your home of rats and repair rodent damage. Our experienced team utilizes cost-reducing measures that can help you save money on the repairs you need.

Van Nuys rodent control company

We base our rat control strategies on a thorough understanding of rodent behavior. When a rat enters a space, the rat creates a scent trail it can use to travel to and from the area at will. When rodents leave an area, they typically bring more rodents back with them. We remove the scent trail to prevent rodents from finding their way back to your home after we have ousted them. We offer several other services to keep your property rodent-free, including:

  • attic cleaning
  • crawl space cleaning
  • AC duct sealing

HVAC services and pest Control

Our Van Nuys customers are often surprised to learn about the role their HVAC system plays in pest control. Cooled air travels from the exterior component of your air conditioner through ducts that distribute conditioned air into the interior rooms. Over time, the ducts can develop cracks. Not only does cooled air escape through the cracks, but rodents can also enter your home through the cracks. Our technicians will seal your HVAC ducts to keep cool air in and rats and mice out. If your ducts have sustained damage, we can repair or replace them depending on your needs.

Contacting a rodent control company in Van Nuys, CA

If you think you may have rodents, don’t feel embarrassed. Give us a call. We specialize in resolving severe rodent infestations in Van Nuys and surrounding areas. You may be tempted to try DIY rodent control products, but an infestation requires the help of an experienced pest control professional. We know the places rodents love to hide. Our rodent control services are generally effective after only one treatment. We will return for future visits to ensure the rodents have not come back.

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Can I use over-the-counter rat poison to eliminate an infestation?

Rat poison can be hazardous to pets and small children. Moreover, if an over-the-counter rat poison is effective, you will most likely be left with dead, potentially-diseased rats that will require safe removal. If you have an infestation, leave the job to the professionals.

Do I have rats or mice?

Rats and mice are two different types of rodent. You can visibly tell the two apart based on size. Rats are larger rodents with large, menacing teeth and a long, thick, hairless tail. Mice are significantly smaller. You can also determine whether you have rats or mice if you have discovered rodent feces in your house. Rat feces tends to be larger than mouse feces. Both varieties of rodent can potentially introduce toxins and diseases into your space.

Why do rodents like basements and attics?

Basements and attics offer rodents the seclusion they need to quietly grow their populations without being discovered. Rodents also prefer cluttered spaces. Basements and attics are more likely to be cluttered with miscellaneous household items that collect dust and can make rodents feel right at home in your space.

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