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West Covina homeowners don’t have to struggle with rats anymore. 360 Rodent Control is Southern California’s leading rodent control company. We offer a holistic approach to curbing and preventing rat infestations. No infestation is too challenging as we specialize in successfully treating severe rodent problems.

Signs of a rat problem

There are several subtle signs that suggest it’s time to call a rodent control professional. Before you see a rat, you can often detect their presence if you use your senses to observe carefully. The following signs indicate you have rodents on your property:

  • rodent droppings
  • the sounds of rodents scampering inside the ceiling and walls
  • the smell of rodent urine
  • bite marks on walls
  • bite marks on food packaging

Reasons to call a rodent control professional

If you’ve discovered signs of rodents, now is the time to act. Rodents can have multiple large litters several times a year. By the time you see one rat, there are likely many more living on your property or nearby. The DIY approach to pest control often requires trial and error. While you try different products and wait to see if they are effective, rodents continue to increase in number. When you call a professional, your rodent control specialist will take immediate action to solve your rat problem. Skip the hassle of experimenting with toxins and rat traps, and call the knowledgeable specialists at 360 Rodent Control.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Holistic rodent control service in West Covina

We have a thorough understanding of rodent behavior. Rats communicate with each other by using pheromones. They create scent paths that allow them to always return to their favorite spots in your house. As rodents come and go, they bring other rodents back with them. The new rodents explore your property, find their own favorite spots, and create more scent trails. We get rid of the rodents, and we clean up the scent trails. By eliminating the scent paths, we take away the rats’ ability to find their way back into your space.

Rat proofing to keep rodents out

One of the best ways to keep your space rat-free is to physically keep rodents out. Mice and rats can squeeze into openings that are as narrow as ¼-inch in width. Caulking cracks in the walls is sometimes not enough. Using multiple materials, we seal every hole, crack, and crevice rodents may otherwise use to enter your home. Rodent proofing is an effective option whether you are in the process of getting rid of rats or if you’d like to take proactive steps to prevent infestation.

Air duct sealing

If you have a traditional HVAC system, the air conditioner distributes cooled air through ducts. Over time, the ducts can become damaged or otherwise develop cracks. Rats can enter through the cracks and infest the ductwork. We offer a duct sealing service to keep rodents out and cooled air inside. In addition to preventing rodents from entering via your air ducts, we may also be able to lower your cooling bills by sealing your air ducts.

Attic cleaning and crawl space cleaning

Rodents love to hide in discreet places like secluded attics and crawl spaces. As rats settle in, they build nests and leave urine, feces, blood, and other contaminants. If you’ve noticed an unpleasant smell you can’t quite pinpoint, you may have rats in your attic or crawl space. We’ll thoroughly clean and decontaminate your attic and crawl space to remove rodent scent paths and toxic remnants from the rat infestation.

Insulation services

When rats move into an attic, the attic insulation is a main target. Rodents love to gnaw, shred, and burrow into insulation foam. As rats have their way with your insulation, your air conditioning bill becomes more likely to increase. Insulation damage makes it more difficult for your air conditioner to evenly cool your space and maintain a comfortable, consistent temperature.

We’re qualified to repair the damage rodents have caused. Our technicians can install, repair, or replace your attic insulation.

Electrical wiring repair

If you’ve got rodents inside the walls, your electrical system may be at risk. Rodents gnaw on electrical wires and can cause blackouts and electrical fires. Sometimes rodents are electrocuted while chewing on wires. We can eliminate the infestation inside the walls of your houses and repair the damaged wires.

Roof repair

Roof rats live in the highest levels of houses and buildings. They gnaw on roof materials and create potentially pricey repair bills for property owners in the process. If you hear rodents running around inside your attic or roof, you may have a roof rat infestation. We can eliminate the infestation once and for all. After getting rid of the rats, our repair technicians can repair or replace the damage the rats have done to your roof.

Contact 360 Rodent Control if you want to be rat-free. We serve homes in West Covina and surrounding areas.

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How long will it take for my property to be rodent-free?

Because we approach rodent infestations from multiple angles, we can generally resolve an infestation with one treatment.

Is there a difference between rats and mice?

The main difference between rats and mice is size. Rats are generally larger than mice. Both types of rodent are capable of spreading diseases to humans. Mice and rats can also spread mites, fleas, ticks, and parasites to humans.

How can I determine whether my property has a mild or severe rodent infestation?

The best way to find answers is to call a rodent control specialist. Because rodents are nocturnal, you are less likely to see them during the daytime hours. They are most active overnight, when you are more likely to be sleeping. Rats also prefer to live in secluded areas like basements, attics, inside walls, and crawl spaces. Just because you’ve only seen one rat doesn’t mean there isn’t a thriving rat community living on your property.

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