West Hills residents enjoy the relaxed, suburban feel of the city’s neighborhoods. The area’s large residential lots afford homeowners a greater sense of privacy. Unfortunately, spacious lots can also attract rats. 360 Rodent Control provides holistic rodent control service to residences in West Hills, CA and surrounding areas.

Factors that attract rodents

Homeowners are often surprised to learn that certain ordinary household practices can attract rats to their property. Most people know that generally unsanitary conditions can lead to a rodent infestation. But in some cases, relatively clean, well-kept properties can still attract rats.

Improperly maintained outdoor spaces

Regular landscaping is often the key to keeping rodents away. If you like to maintain a lush, overgrown aesthetic on your property, you may be creating the perfect safehaven for rats. Cluttered lawn decor and piles of leaves, lawn clippings, and mulch provide protective shelter for rodents. They can live among the clutter and eventually move inside your home when the opportunity arises.

Standing water

Keeping your outdoor vegetation watered is critical to landscaping. However, if your property lacks adequate drainage, you may be left with standing water on your property. Rodents treat standing water like a community well. While you’re intending to water your lawn, you may also be supporting a rodent population. Birdbaths are also common outdoor water sources for rodents.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Improperly stored food

Rats will aggressively take food wherever they can access it. They will raid your pantry and chew through cardboard and plastic food packaging. They swarm dumpsters and garbage cans if they smell food waste inside. They will even treat your pet’s food dish like an all-you-can-eat buffet if left unattended. We recommend storing food in sturdy airtight containers. Take up leftover pet food, and store it away for later if your pet is a light eater. Avoid leaving water in an uncovered dish after your pet finishes drinking. When throwing out garbage, keep it in a sturdy trash can that has a tightly-fitting lid.

Indoor clutter

Indoor clutter attracts rodents. They can hide inside of and behind boxes, gnaw on cardboard, use piles of old newspapers and magazines for protective covering, and make cozy homes for themselves inside unused furniture. Minimize your risk of attracting rodents by regularly decluttering. Keep rooms and storage areas clean and orderly. If you choose to keep old magazines, newspapers, and documents, store them in sturdy containers like plastic or metal file boxes.

Rodent control service in West Hills, CA

We offer a holistic approach to rodent control based on our extensive experience and knowledge of how rodents behave. Rodents create scent paths that allow them to go back and forth between their favorite spots on your property as they please. In addition to eliminating rodents from your property, we also destroy the scent paths to prevent the ousted rodents from returning. We understand that rodent infestations are complicated, so we address the issue from multiple angles to ensure your property remains rat-free.

Rodent proofing your West Hills home

Rodents can enter your home through cracks that are as narrow as ¼-th inch in width. We protect your home from future infestations by sealing all cracks rodents may otherwise use as points of entry. Standard caulk is often not enough to deter rats. We use multiple materials to make it even more difficult for rodents to squeeze their way into your life. Our rodent proofing service is an effective solution whether you are in the process of getting rid of an active infestation or if you are looking to take proactive measures against future infestations.

Attic and crawl space cleaning

Rodents can live in your attic or crawl space undetected for extended periods. During this time, they build nests and leave behind biological contaminants that can cause unpleasant smells and make you ill. We will thoroughly clean your attic and crawl space to eliminate odors and decontaminate the area. Not only will rodents be unable to return, but the health hazards and lingering odor will finally be gone.

Insulation repair

If you have rodents in your attic, it’s likely they have discovered your attic insulation. Rodents enjoy eating, shredding, and burrowing into attic insulation. As they destroy the insulation, you will likely notice a sharp increase in your home’s cooling bill as the air conditioner must work harder. We’ll eliminate the rodents from your attic and repair or replace the damaged insulation. Over the years, we have developed measures that can make insulation repair, maintenance, and installation more cost-effective.

HVAC duct sealing

Most HVAC systems utilize a network of ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout a house. As HVAC ducts age, rodents can enter and infest the ductwork. Rats can move from the ductwork into other areas of the home. We can seal your HVAC ducts to prevent rodents from entering. If the ducts are especially damaged, our technicians are qualified to repair or replace them.

If you feel like you are in a losing battle against rodents, give us a call. The rodent control specialists at 360 Pest Control will make your rat problem a thing of the past.

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How can I determine the severity of my rat problem?

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to rodents. If you have seen a rat, you may already have a severe infestation. Rodents are most active during the overnight hours when you are most likely to be sleeping. Contact a rodent control professional to have your property examined and allow a specialist to determine the severity of your rodent infestation.

How long will it take for my property to be rat-free?

Our holistic approach to rodent control is highly effective and works very quickly. We can generally eliminate rats once and for all after only one treatment.

Do you resolve very severe rodent infestations?

Yes! We specialize in resolving the most challenging rat infestation cases.

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