Your Westwood home is your place to relax, entertain family and friends, and be at peace in your own personal space. No one ever plans to share their home with rats. The specialists at 360 Rodent Control are Westwood’s residential and commercial rat control experts. We use a holistic approach to rodent control that will allow you to reclaim your space from rats. We can resolve the toughest rodent infestations.

Why you have rats

Rats and humans love many of the same things: food, shelter and water. Even though you may keep your home relatively clean, rodents may have discovered that you keep some of their favorite things inside your home.


Like humans, rats want a cozy place they can call home. They want to come inside from the rain and warm up indoors on cool evenings. They need a safe place to sleep at night. Unfortunately, your home is the perfect place. Attics and crawl spaces are common points of entry rats can use to gain access to your home. Once inside, they can make their way further into your home’s interior by squeezing through cracks in your drywall or gnawing their way through building materials.

Food sources for rodents

The kitchen may be a rodent’s favorite room in your house. You keep your food and trash there. Kitchens also have cabinets, pantries, and corners that make great hiding places for rats. We recommend storing your food in sturdy, airtight, heavy duty plastic, glass, or metal containers. Otherwise rats may chew through thinner food storage containers and food packaging to get what they want. Keep your garbage in a sturdy can that has a tight-fitting lid, and move it to an even sturdier garbage can outside prior to waste collection. Clean up all food spills immediately.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Rodent water sources

Rats can be pretty creative when it comes to finding a reliable water source. They will drink from outdoor sources like bird baths, puddles leftover from rain or your sprinkler system, fountains, and water that collects in your clogged gutters. Inside your home, they make use of leaking pipes and even water left unattended in your pet’s water dish.

Take away rats’ water supply by addressing all maintenance issues that lead to water leaking and collecting in and around your home. When giving water to your pet, consider using a pet fountain that dispenses water on demand, or cover and store the water for later use after the pet finishes drinking.

Holistic rodent control company in Westwood

Our multi-prong approach to resolve rodent infestations sets us apart. We understand that rats are scent-driven animals. They use pheromones to communicate. When a rat finds a spot it likes inside your home, the rat creates a scent path. The rat uses the scent path to come and go as it pleases without getting lost. Other rodents can also detect and use the scent path. As rodents venture about, they bring more rodents back with them. Soon, your property is filled with scent paths directing a community of rodents to different areas in your home.

We eliminate the scent trails so the rodents have no way of finding their way back to your property. This results in your home remaining rat-free after we’ve ousted the rodents.

Rat proofing your Westwood, CA home

One of the best ways to prevent a rodent infestation is to maintain your physical barriers against rodent entry. We can seal your home to keep rodents out. Instead of using standard caulk, we use a variety of materials to seal every crack, crevice, and hole rats may otherwise use to access your home’s interior. We can also repair and seal the holes an existing rodent infestation may have created.

Attic and crawl space cleaning

Eliminating the biological contaminants rodents produce is critical to protecting your health and eliminating rodents. When rodents take up residence in your attic or crawl space, they leave waste, build nests, and may even shed blood. We clean up all the contaminants and scent paths so the space will smell fresh and remain rodent-free.

Repairing your home after rodent damage

Despite being small, rodents can be incredibly destructive. The damage their sharp teeth and claws cause around your home can add up quickly. In addition to eliminating your infestation, we can help you repair the damage rodents have done to your property.

Attic insulation repair

While in your attic, rats help themselves to your attic insulation. They enjoy shredding and burrowing into insulation foam. In some cases, rodents will even consume attic insulation as a food source. As rodents damage your home’s insulation, your air conditioner must work harder to cool your home.

We are extensively experienced in the home insulation industry. Our insulation technicians can repair or replace your home’s damaged insulation. We’ve identified cost-saving measures that can make insulation installation, repair, and maintenance more affordable.

Contact 360 Rodent Control, and let us solve your rat problem. We provide holistic rodent control service to Westwood homes.

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How can I tell if I have rats in my Westwood crawl space?

If you have noticed an unpleasant smell, but you haven’t been able to determine where it’s coming from, you may have rodents in your crawl space. Upon visual inspection, you may see rodent droppings or a rodent nest made from scraps of garbage and random materials in your crawl space. Call us, and one of our technicians will examine your home’s crawl space for you.

What are signs of rats in the attic?

You may have rats in your attic if you hear movement in the attic late at night. You may smell rodent urine, and your cooling bill may also increase if rats have destroyed your attic insulation.

Do rodents affect human health?

A rodent infestation can be very detrimental to your health. Rodents are capable of spreading certain diseases to humans. They sometimes carry fleas, ticks, and parasites. Rodent dander can trigger symptoms in people who have asthma or respiratory allergies.

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