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Whether you enjoy sharing your home with family and friends or if you like to relax solo, rats probably aren’t welcome. Nevertheless, rodents will go to great lengths to crash the party. 360 Rodent Control provides holistic rat control services in Woodland Hills, CA. We apply our multi-prong treatment strategy to eliminte rodent infestations after one application.

Detecting a rodent infestation

If you think you hear animals running around in your walls and ceiling, it’s probably not your imagination. Long before your first rodent sighting, you may already have an infestation. The following signs suggest your property may be infested with mice or rats:

  • rodent feces
  • the lingering smell of rodent urine
  • gnaw marks in walls or food packaging
  • rodent nests
  • shreded strips of garbage near trash cans

You may even notice a change in your pets’ behavior if you have rats or mice. If you observe signs of a rodent infestation, contact us. We’ll examine your Woodland Hills residential or commercial property for rodents and recommend the most effective solution.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Woodland Hills, CA Rodent Control Specialists

We approach rodent control with a thorough understanding of rat behavior. Exterminating rats is generally not enough to resolve the most severe infestations. Rodents create scent trails from the moment they invade your property. They use the scent paths to come and go as they please. As rodents come and go, they bring more of their furry counterparts back with them. Eventually, you have an entire rodent population residing in your space and creating scent trails all over your property to attract even more rodents.

As part of our comprehensive rodent control strategy, we clean up the scent trails. With no scent pathways to follow, rodents no longer have a way to return after we oust them for good. To ensure you remain rodent-free, one of or technicians will return on a future date to examine your property again.

Rat proofing your Woodland Hills home

Rat proofing can benefit you whether you have a current infestation or if you’d like to minimize the possibility of future infestations. We seal every nook, cranny, and crevice mice can potentially use as a point of entry into your space. Our rodent control specialists use a variety of materials to prevent outsted rats from coming back and to block future rodent invasions.

Attic and crawl space cleaning services

Your attic is the perfect hiding spot for rodents. Not only do these nocturnal creatures love dark, secluded spots, but they use household clutter to further conceal their presence. Attics also have insulation, which rodents enjoy clawing and burrowing into for extra coziness.

Similarly, crawl spaces are also attractive spots for rodents. Crawl spaces are more accessible to rats and mice that are looking for immediate shelter and protection from the elements outside. Once inside your home’s crawl space, rodents continue their invasion by gnawing holes to gain further access.

If you have noticed a lingering odor you can’t pinpoint, there may be rats in your attic or crawl space. We’ll eliminate the infestation and thoroughly clean the area to remove the biological contaminants rats leave behind. Your space will smell better, and your home will be rodent-free.

Roof services

Roof rats can do significant damage to one of your home’s most valuable assets. These rodents chew through roofing materials to make holes through which they can invade your home. In addition to eliminating a roof rat infestation, we can also repair the damage. We employ licensed roofing technicians who can repair or replace your roof according to your needs.

Woodland Hills AC services

Your property’s HVAC system plays an important role in keeping your residential or commercial space pest-free. By reducing indoor humidity levels and keeping the interior cool, your AC discourages insects from venturing inside. Your air conditioner distributes cool air through ducts. Over time, the ducts can develop cracks. Rodents can enter through the cracks. Call on us to seal your HVAC ducts to keep rodents out. If your ducts are in really bad shape, we can repair or replace them.

Insulation services

If rats have destroyed your home’s insulation, your air conditioner will likely work harder to keep your home cool. Our experienced technicians are available to install, repair, and maintain your insulation. We have identified cost-reducing solutions that can even help you save money on insulation services.

Electrical wiring services

Rodents can live inside walls and wreak havoc on your home’s electrical system. Rats chew through electrical wiring and increase the risk of blackouts or even an electrical fire. On occasion, a rat may be electrocuted while chewing a wire. In these instances, you may smell the dead rodent’s rotting carcas inside the walls. We’ll resolve your Woodland Hills home's wall infestation. Our licensed electricians can repair or replace any damaged wiring. 360 Rodent Control is the only Woodland Hills pest control company you’ll need to call for your rodent control and related home repair needs.

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Can a rat infestation affect human health?

Rats and mice are capable of spreading diseases to humans. A human may even be infected by a flea or tick that has previously bitten a diseased rodent. Some diseases spread by rodents can affect the major organs and cause death if left untreated. Protect your health and the wellness of those around you by contacting 360 Rodent Control at the first sign of rodents.

What attracts a rat infestation?

Rats like to live in close proximity to food and water. Leaking pipes, bird feeders, food and water left out for pets, clutter, and unsanitary conditions can attract rats. You can avoid attracting rats by keeping food in airtight containers. Keeping your yard tidy will also give rodents fewer places to hide in your outdoor areas.

How can I determine the size of a rat infestation?

Rats are most active overnight when most people are sleeping. Therefore, it’s possible to have an infestation without seeing a single rodent. Call a rodent control specialist to determine the size of the rodent infestation on your property.

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