You fight against rats doesn’t have to be a losing battle. 360 Rodent Control is Pacoima’s trusted rodent control company. Our holistic approach to rodent control distinguishes us from the pack. We target rodents’ favorite hiding spots to ensure they leave and don’t return. We can generally resolve rat infestations with one treatment.

Pacoima rodent control service

We understand how rats think and move. Rodents create scent pathways that allow them to travel back and forth to their favorite places in your home without getting lost. As rodents come and go, they bring additional rodents back with them. The new rodents find their own favorite places and create even more scent paths.

We destroy the scent paths to prevent rodents from coming back after we’ve ousted them. After we’ve treated your home, we will schedule a followup visit just so we can be sure the rodents haven’t returned.

Rodent proofing service in Pacoima

Rodent–proofing your home can keep rodents out by fortifying your home’s existing physical barriers. We seal every crack, crevice, and hole rodents can potentially enter. Instead of using standard caulk, we use multiple materials to make it even more difficult for rodents to squeeze into your home uninvited.

Air duct sealing

Traditional HVAC systems with ductwork provide hidden points of entry for rats. Over time, your HVAC system’s air ducts develop cracks. Not only does conditioned air escape through the cracks, but rodents can also make their way inside. Once inside, rodents can infest your ductwork or make their way into other areas in your home.

We can seal your air ducts to keep rodents out. In addition to blocking rodents’ entry, sealing the air ducts will keep conditioned air in and allow your air conditioner to work more efficiently.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Signs of rats in your Pacoima home

Apart from seeing a rat, there are several other signs that confirm the presence of rodents in your home. If you’re in bed at night and you think you hear small animals in your ceiling, it’s probably not your imagination. An unpleasant odor that seems to be coming from inside one of your walls may be caused by a dead rat. You might come across rodent droppings in the corner of a room or under a piece of furniture. Other signs of rodents include:

  • bite marks on food packaging
  • bite marks on a wall
  • a new hole in a wall
  • the smell of rodent urine
  • strange behavior in your pets

Contact a rodent control specialist immediately upon noticing signs of rodents on your property. Rats increase their populations very quickly. Therefore, taking action sooner will allow you to get ahead of your rat problem before the rodents do more damage.

Damage caused by rodents

Rodents are deceptively destructive. Their teeth and claws wreak havoc as they gnaw their way through walls, wood, and other building materials. Roof rats are a type of rodent that specifically targets your roof. They are capable of gnawing through roof shingles and making a home for themselves inside the roof, eaves, or attic. Rodents that live inside your walls may damage your home’s electrical wiring and increase the risk of blackouts or an electrical fire occurring.

Our team at 360 Rodent Control includes home repair technicians who are licensed and qualified to restore your home after eliminating the rodents. We have experienced, knowledgeable repair technicians who are ready to help you protect your home’s value by repairing the damage the rodents have done.

Attic insulation repair

Rodents in your attic will generally attack your home’s insulation. In the eyes of a rat, attic insulation serves multiple delightful purposes. Rats burrow into insulation and make cozy nests. They enjoy shredding insulation foam with their claws and even consuming certain types of attic insulation as a food source.

We install, repair, and maintain home insulation. In addition to being rat-free, your cooling bill will also likely decrease after we replace your damaged insulation.

Electrical wiring repair

Having rodents inside your walls can be dangerous. We will eliminate the infestation in the walls and repair or replace any wiring rodents have damaged. We employ licensed electricians who will minimize the risk rodents have created by chewing on your electrical wires.

Roof repair

If roof rodents have damaged your roof, your home may be exposed to more serious damage like mold, wood rot, and further damage to your home’s ceiling joists, rafters, and fascia boards. Our repair team is qualified to install, repair, and maintain your roof. We will help you restore one of the most valuable components of your home by repairing the damage rodents did to your roof.

360 Rodent Control is your partner in rat control and related home repairs. We are a one-stop shop for everything you need to send rats packing so you can go back to enjoying the comforts of home. Contact us today to learn more about our holistic rodent control solutions. We provide rodent control services in Pacoima and surrounding areas.

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Can a rodent infestation affect human health?

Rodents can affect human health in several ways. Humans can directly contract a disease from an infected rodent if the rodent bites or scratches the human. Fleas and ticks can spread rodent-borne illnesses by biting an infected rodent and then biting a human. Eating rodent-contaminated food and touching rodent bodily fluids can also result in humans contracting a rodent-borne illness.

What is the difference between rats and mice?

The main difference between rats and mice is size. Rats are generally larger than mice. However, both are capable of spreading diseases to humans and destroying your property.

How can I determine the severity of my property’s rodent infestation?

It’s difficult to tell by just looking. Rodents are nocturnal, and they tend to avoid interactions with humans. Therefore, it’s possible that you have a large population of rodents living on your property even if you only see one rat. The best way to determine the severity of your property’s infestation is to contact a rodent control specialist to have your property examined.

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