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While you may have originally envisioned inviting family members and friends to your San Fernando home, rats were probably not in the equation. Nevertheless, rodents often invite themselves to share your home’s amenities. If rats have invaded your space, 360 Rodent Control has an effective solution. San Fernando homeowners trust us to solve their rat problems. We provide holistic rodent control services in San Fernando, CA and surrounding areas.

San Fernando holistic rodent control

We understand how rats think, move, and behave. When rodents invade your home, they create a scent trail that allows them to come and go as they please. Other rodents can also detect and make use of the scent trail. When rats return after venturing out, they bring additional rats back with them. After we oust the rodents from your home, we clean up the scent trails so the rodents can’t return.

Rat control service for businesses

Your business depends heavily on its reputation. Cleanliness is one of the most critical factors that impact a customer’s impression. Moreover, food-oriented businesses like restaurants, packaging companies, manufacturers, and markets are required to comply with government-imposed safety and sanitation standards. Failing an inspection may mean you have to suspend operations or even pay fines. Customers are also less likely to patronize businesses that appear unclean or have failed a government inspection.

Businesses that are in the food industry are especially rodent-prone. Cleaning, properly storing food, and disposing of garbage in a manner that doesn’t attract rodents can be a challenge. Our team will identify the factors that attract rodents to your business. We can help you maintain a rodent-free environment.

Rodents and your home life

Discovering rodents in your home can instantly make you feel uncomfortable in your own space. You may feel embarrassed about your rat problem and avoid hosting gatherings at your home. At night, you may awaken to the sound of rodents scampering around in the ceiling over your head. The smell of rodent urine may be coming from an unknown rat hideout.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Our rodent specialists will properly address the infestation from multiple angles. We’ll help you return to being able to feel comfortable in your own home.

Rodent proofing your San Fernando home

One of the best ways to avoid a rodent infestation is to re-enforce your home’s physical barriers against rodent entry. Mice and rats can squeeze into your home through the narrowest cracks. We seal every crack and crevice to prevent rodent entry. Instead of using standard caulk alone, we make use of a variety of materials to stop rodents from squeezing into your space.

HVAC duct sealing

Your HVAC system may be providing a hidden point of entry to your home. Over time, a traditional HVAC system’s ductwork develops cracks and can become warped and damaged. Rodents can enter the cracks and infest the ductwork or migrate through the ducts and into other areas in the home. We’ll seal your home’s leaky ducts to keep rats out.

Property damaged caused by rats

In addition to disrupting your home life, rodents can also cost you money. Their tiny claws and sharp teeth can destroy various parts of your home. Rodents can gnaw through a variety of building materials, including certain metals. In addition to eliminating the rats, we also employ home repair technicians who can fix the damage rodents have caused.

Attic insulation services

Attic insulation is one of rats’ favorite things. They love to burrow into insulation and make cozy nests. In some cases, rodents will even eat certain types of insulation foam. As rats dismantle and consume your attic’s insulation, your home’s air conditioner must work harder to cool the interior. Our team includes insulation technicians who can install, repair, and maintain your home’s attic insulation.

Electric wiring repair

If you have rodents living in your walls, your electrical wiring may be at risk. Rodents chew on wires and increase the risk of a blackout or electrical fire happening. Rodents may be electrocuted while chewing on the wires. You may smell the odor of a dead rodent’s carcass coming from inside a wall.

Roof repair

Roof rats can wreak havoc on your home’s roof. They gnaw through shingles and wood and make their home inside the highest levels of your home. If you have a roof rat infestation, your roof may be more susceptible to mold and structural damage that can cost thousands to repair. Contacting a rodent control specialist sooner means protecting one of your home’s most valuable components. We’re licensed and qualified to install, repair, and replace roofs.

Contacting a San Fernando rodent control company

360 Rodent Control is your secret weapon in your battle against rats. We provide safe, effective, lasting resolution to your toughest rat problems. Contact us to learn more about the services we offer in San Fernando, CA and throughout Southern California.

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Are hardware store rodent control products effective?

Hardware store products generally address only one aspect of a rodent infestation. They can also be hit-or-miss in terms of effectiveness depending on the type of rodent you have on your property. Contact a rodent specialist who will bring the professional knowledge and expertise to deliver immediate, effective, and lasting solutions.

How long does it take to resolve a rodent infestation?

We can generally resolve a rodent infestation with only one treatment. A member of our team will return at a future date to ensure the rodents have not come back.

How do rodents spread diseases?

Rodents spread diseases directly through biting and scratching. Humans can also contract a disease by eating food that has been contaminated by rodents and by coming in contact with rodent bodily fluids. Rodents also carry fleas, ticks, and parasites into your home. Fleas and ticks can infect humans with a rodent-borne illness if they bite a human after biting an infected rodent. Call a rodent control specialist to protect your health from diseases rodents spread.

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