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Bel Air evokes images of stately mansions, excellent schools, and an upscale suburban feel. Don’t let your Bel Air home be associated with rats. 360 Rodent Control is Southern California’s trusted rodent control company. We provide holistic rodent control services in Bel Air and surrounding areas.

Holistic rodent control company in Bel Air

We base our approach to solving rodent infestations on our understanding of rodent behavior. Our holistic strategy sets us apart. We know that rats create scent paths when they find an area they like. Once a rodent creates a scent path, it can use the trail to come back to its favorite place anytime it wishes. Other rodents can also detect and make use of the scent path. As rats come and go, they grow their population by bringing more rodents back with them. Before you realize you have rats, there is already a rodent community living on your property and navigating a network of scent paths.

We remove rodent nests, clean up their biological materials, and destroy the scent paths. With no path to follow back to your property, rodents no longer have a way of coming back once ousted.

Protecting your health from rodents

Keeping your home rodent-free is important to your health. Not only are rodents unsanitary, but they can spread diseases to humans. Examples of diseases rodents can spread include:

  • hantaviruses
  • leptospirosis
  • rat-bite fever
  • salmonella

Rodents are notorious for having spread a deadly plague across Western Europe and parts of Asia and Africa during the 1300s. Plague cases are less common and certainly less deadly today. Nevertheless, rodents do still spread plague today.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Rodents, allergies, and respiratory ailments

Even breathing air in a home in which rodents reside can affect your health. Rodent dander can trigger respiratory symptoms in people who have asthma or allergies. Mice and rats also carry allergens in their saliva, feces, urine, and skin.

Rodent proofing your Bel Air home

You may be wondering how rodents got into your home. Mice and rats can squeeze through the tiniest cracks. We seal every crack to keep rodents out. Instead of just using caulk, we use multiple materials to make it more difficult for rodents to enter.

Air duct sealing

Your HVAC system may be allowing rodents to enter your home. Over the years, your HVAC ducts can develop cracks or become warped and damaged. While conditioned air leaks out of the cracks, rodents can enter. Once inside, rodents can infest the ducts, or they can migrate into other areas in your Bel Air home. We’ll seal your air ducts to keep the rats out. You will also likely notice a decrease in your cooling bills as your HVAC system is able to distribute cooled air more efficiently.

Attic and crawl space cleaning service

Rodents often set up shop in secluded areas like your attic or crawl space. Attics tend to be dark and isolated whereas crawl spaces are often rodents’ easiest points of access from outside. While rodents make themselves comfortable, they contaminate the space with waste, blood, dander, and saliva. We clean your attic or crawlspace to remove the scent trails and potentially toxic biological contaminants.

Attic insulation repair

While living in your attic, rodents make use of your attic insulation. They like to make cozy nests by burrowing into it. They shred the foam with their sharp claws. In some cases, rodents will even eat attic insulation. While rats treat your insulation like an amusement park and buffet, your air conditioner must work harder to keep your home cool.

Our team includes insulation technicians. We have extensive experience in the insulation industry. 360 Rodent Control is qualified to repair, maintain, and install home insulation. Our insulation technicians can repair or replace your damaged insulation. You will likely see lower cooling bills as a result.

Electrical wiring repair

If you have rats in your home’s walls, your electrical wiring may be at risk. Rodents gnaw on wires and increase the risk of an electrical fire or blackout occurring. We can eliminate the wall infestation and repair or replace the damaged wires.

Roof repair

Our team also includes roofing technicians. Roof rats specifically target your roof. They gnaw through your shingles, wood, and other roofing materials with the ultimate goal of making a home for themselves inside the highest parts of your home. As roof rats gnaw at your roofing materials, your home’s structure is increasingly exposed to more severe damage occurring.

After sending the roof rats packing, we can repair or replace your damaged roof. Our team will work with you to protect your home’s value by repairing the trail of destruction the rodents left behind.

360 Rodent Control is the only team of specialists you need to call if you are in an ongoing battle against rats. We provide holistic rodent control service to homes in Bel Air and throughout Southern California.

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Can I use over-the-counter rodent control products to treat an infestation?

While you may be tempted to go to the hardware store and purchase rat traps and poisons, you will likely receive better and faster results by working with a rodent control professional. DIY pest control products aren’t universal. Rat traps are ineffective against certain rodent varieties. Poisons can expose your pets and small children to the risk of poisoning.

How long does it take to see results?

We generally eliminate even the toughest rodent infestations with one treatment. Our team takes additional steps to prevent the rodents from coming back.

How can I tell if my property has a severe rodent infestation?

If you see multiple rats on your property during daytime hours, it’s very likely that you have a severe rodent infestation. Otherwise, looks can be deceiving. If you’ve only seen a few rodents over an extended period, it’s still possible that you have many more rodents living on your property. The best way to determine the size of the rodent infestation is to call a rodent control specialist.

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