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When you’re at home resting after a long day, the last thing you want to hear is rats scampering overhead inside the ceiling. Covina homeowners call the specialists at 360 Rodent Control to solve their rat problems. We offer a holistic treatment that will have your property rat-free after one visit.

What to do if you’ve seen a rat

Seeing a rat on your property can immediately make you feel uncomfortable. Rodents are unsanitary. They can potentially spread serious diseases to humans. Fleas, ticks, mites, and parasites can hitch a ride into your home on rodents’ tiny bodies. If you see a rat, contact a rodent control company immediately. It’s easy to run out and purchase rat traps and poisons, but rodent infestations are often much more complex.

Signs of rats

You may have rodents on your property even if you haven’t seen a rat. Because rodents are nocturnal, you are less likely to see them during the daytime. They also choose secluded areas to set up their residences. Nevertheless, there are several more subtle signs that indicate rodents’ presence:

  • rat droppings
  • tiny rodent footprints in dusty areas
  • the sound of rats running around inside your wall or ceiling
  • the smell of rat urine
  • the smell of dead rodents inside your walls

Contact a rodent control company if you observe signs of rodents. If you have begun to see signs of rats on your property, a rodent infestation may already be underway.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Why you need a professional

Rodent control professionals are able to determine the underlying causes of your rodent infestation and help you make changes that will deter rats from continuing to invade your space. An experienced technician can safely rid your property of rats without exposing you, your pets, and the people around you to unnecessary toxins. For effective solutions that are customized to meet your specific needs, leave rodent control to the pros.

Holistic rodent control company in Covina, CA

We thoroughly understand rodent behavior. Rats create scent trails so they can always come back to their hiding spots when they venture out. When rats return, they tend to invite other rodents along the way and bring them into your space. The new rodents explore your property and create more scent trails as they find their own favorite places. We eliminate the scent trails to leave rodents with no way of returning to your property once we’ve gotten rid of them.

Covina rat proofing service

You may be wondering how rats got into your space in the first place. Rodents can squeeze through openings that are as narrow as 1/4th-inch in width. We prevent rats from entering your home by sealing every hole, crack and crevice. Instead of using caulk on its own, we use multiple materials to make it more difficult for rats to squeeze their way into your life.

Attic cleaning

While living in your attic, rodents leave potentially toxic biological contaminants. We offer attic cleaning services to decontaminate your space. We thoroughly clean the attic to destroy the scent trails and neutralize rodent waste, saliva, blood, and pheromones.

Attic insulation services

In addition to contaminating your attic, rodents also love to destroy attic insulation. They specifically enjoy gnawing and burrowing into the foam material. As they indulge themselves by damaging the insulation in your attic, your air conditioner works harder to maintain a cool, consistent temperature throughout your house. We are qualified to replace the damaged insulation. Our insulation repair, replacement, and maintenance services are affordably priced.

Crawl space cleaning

When rodents are looking for a new home, crawl spaces are often the most accessible spaces that offer protective shelter. Because most people don’t check their crawl space often, rodents can live there for extended periods without being detected. During this time, rodents build nests and leave behind bodily fluids. Similar to our attic cleaning service, we also clean crawl spaces to eliminate all contaminants and rodent scent trails.

Roof repair

If you have roof rats, your roof will probably suffer. These rodents gnaw through roof materials and create homes for themselves inside the highest levels of houses and buildings. Our home repair technicians can repair or replace the damage rodents have done to your roof. Damage to your roof potentially exposes the structure of your home or commercial building to additional maintenance issues. If you hear rodents running around in your roof or ceiling, don’t delay in calling a rodent control specialist.

Electrical wire repair and replacement

Having rodents inside your walls can expose you to very serious risks. Rodents gnaw at the electrical wiring inside the wall. As rats chew on your home’s electrical components, you may experience blackouts or even an electrical fire. We can treat the all infestation and repair or replace any damaged wiring.

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What conditions attract rats?

Most people associate rats with unclean, unsanitary environments with overflowing garbage. However, you may have rats even if you keep your space relatively clean. Rats look for accessible food and will eat bird seed, unattended pet food, and food scraps and waste. If you have leaking pipes or pools of standing water, rats may use it as a water source. The third thing rodents need is protective shelter. If rats are able to enter your home. Rodents will also take advantage of unsealed holes and cracks to enter your home or commercial space to find protective shelter.

Is it true that rats can affect the health of humans?

There are several ways rodents can affect human health. Infected rodents are capable of directly spreading certain diseases to humans through biting and scratching. Biting insects like fleas and ticks can infect humans with rodent-borne diseases if they bite a human after biting an infected rodent.

Do you handle severe rodent infestations?

We specialize in resolving the most severe rodent infestations. Call on us to solve your most challenging rat problems!

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