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Don't let a rat problem plague your property in East Los Angeles. 360 Rodent Control has the solution you need to win the battle against rats. We take a multi-prong approach to rodent control that resolves the toughest infestations.

Struggling with rats at home

Discovering signs of a rodent infestation can make it feel impossible to enjoy your home. You may wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of rats running in the ceiling above you. Perhaps you no longer invite people over because you feel embarrassed by your rodent problem. The thought of unclean rodents invading your space may be making you feel uncomfortable. We can help you take back your space and reclaim your peace of mind.

Rats in your place of business

Your East LA business may be at risk if you have rats. If your business is in the food industry, you may be required to maintain satisfactory scores on health inspections. Businesses that serve customers onsite must maintain a clean and safe setting to maintain a positive reputation. Even if you never have customers onsite, maintaining a clean, rodent-free space is important. Rats tend to find their way into storage areas. They gnaw on inventory and leave droppings on items you may need to ship to customers.

Businesses may be more susceptible to more challenging rodent infestations. Commercial properties are usually left uninhabited outside of regular business hours. Rodents prefer secluded spaces, and they are nocturnal animals. They are free to scavenge and grow their populations without interruption during closing hours.

We will address the underlying causes of the rodent infestation at your place of business. Our rodent specialists can make recommendations to help you eliminate the conditions on your property that attract rats.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Rodent control service in East LA

Our rodent specialists have a thorough understanding of rodent behavior. We know that rats create scent paths to help them find their way back to their favorite areas on their property when they venture out. As rats come and go, they bring more rats back to your property with them. The newly-arrived rats explore your property and create their own scent paths to help them find their way back to their favorite spots.

We send the rodents packing by cleaning out their favorite areas and removing their nests. Once we’ve ousted the rats, we also clean up the scent trails. With no scent pathways to follow back to your property, the rodents will no longer be able to find their way back to your space.

East Los Angeles rodent proofing service

One of the best ways to thwart invading rodents is to block their entrances. Rodents are capable of squeezing through cracks that are as narrow as ¼-inch. We seal every crack and crevice to prevent rodents from squeezing through. Instead of using standard caulk on its own, we use multiple materials to create a better barrier to rodent entry.

Air duct sealing

If your HVAC system includes ductwork, rodents may have hidden points of entry. Over time, ductwork develops cracks. Rodents can enter through the cracks and infest the ducts or venture to other parts of your home.

Our technicians can seal the cracks in your home’s air ducts to keep the rodents out. If the ducts are significantly damaged, we can repair or replace them.

Attic and crawl space cleaning

Similar to humans, rodents want a roof over their heads and protection from the elements outside. Oftentimes, your crawl space or attic is most accessible. Rats can reside in these areas for weeks or months on end without being detected. They contaminate the areas with their waste, blood, saliva, and dander.

We’ll clean your attic and crawl space to neutralize potentially toxic contaminants. The rodent infestation will be a thing of the past, and unpleasant odors will be gone.

Attic insulation repair

While in your attic, most rodents will help themselves to your attic insulation. Rodents use insulation foam for a variety of purposes, including burrowing into, gnawing, and shredding the foam. As rodents enjoy your attic insulation, your air conditioner must work harder to cool your home during the summer months.

We will repair or replace the damaged portions of your attic insulation. Our team has extensive experience in the insulation industry. We’ve adopted cost-saving measures that may save you money on attic insulation repair, installation, and maintenance.

360 Rodent Control is East LA’s holistic rodent control company. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to rid your house of rodents. Our repair technicians can also restore the damaged areas rodents have left behind.

Contact us to learn how we can help you stay rat-free. We provide service to East Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

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How can I tell if I have a rodent infestation

If you haven’t seen a rodent, there are other signs that will tell you there are rats on your property. You may see rodent droppings, smell rodent urine, or hear rodents running around in your ceiling or inside your home’s walls. Contact a rodent control specialist to determine the size of your rodent infestation.

Do rats affect your personal health

Rodents can spread serious diseases to humans. Some examples include hantaviruses, rat-bite fever, plague, and leptospirosis. People who have respiratory sensitivities may also experience symptoms if they inhale rat dander. Humans can also contract a rodent-borne illness from eating food that has come in contact with rodents. Rodents are also capable of carrying fleas and ticks on their bodies and into your home. Fleas and ticks can also spread diseases to humans.

What is the difference between rats and mice?

The main difference is size. Mice are generally smaller than rats. However, both varieties of rodent are capable of carrying diseases and making humans sick. Contact us to learn more about how you can protect your health by rodent-proofing your home.

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