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The vibrant, trendy city of West Hollywood offers all the advantages of a fun, urban life. If you live in the area, one aspect of urban life you don’t want in your home is rats. West Hollywood homes call on 360 Rodent Control to keep the rats away. Our rodent control specialists can safely, quickly, and effectively resolve the toughest rat infestations.

Rats in your West Hollywood home

It’s late at night, and you hear the sound of tiny feet scampering across the floor. You feel a mix of panic, disgust, and concern at the possibility that you have rats. If discovering you have rats causes you to feel uncomfortable in your home, you’re not alone. While you may be tempted to immediately move out and cut your losses, there are much easier ways to go about solving your rat problem. Leave the hard work to the rodent control specialists at 360 Rodent Control.

Rats in your West Hollywood place of business

Some types of businesses seem to inherently attract rats. Businesses that are in the food industry are often required to comply with government standards that regulate safety and cleanliness. If your business does not earn passing marks on an inspection, you may be required to suspend operations until you correct the problem areas.

If your business is not in the food industry, cleanliness is still important. Service-based businesses need to store their products and tools in a sanitary, rat-free environment. Product-based businesses must ensure their inventory doesn’t become contaminated. If you invite customers into your place of business to receive products or services, your customers want to feel comfortable in a setting that feels safe and well-maintained. The presence of rats poses a constant threat to your business’ reputation.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Holistic rodent control service

Our knowledge of rodent behavior distinguishes 360 Rodent Control from the rest. We understand that rodents use pheromones to communicate. When a rat finds a place it likes inside our home, it creates a scent trail that will allow it to always return to that spot. Other rodents can also detect the scent trail and follow it. As rats go back and forth, they bring additional rodents back to their favorite places with them. The newly-arrived rodents find their own hiding preferred hiding spots and create additional scent paths.

We don’t focus solely on getting rid of the rodents. We also clean up the scent trails. Removing the scent trails ensures the rodents have no way to return to your home.

West Hollywood rodent-proofing service

Rodents can enter your home through the narrowest cracks. We take steps to seal every crack rodents may otherwise use as access points to your home. We don’t just use standard caulk alone. We use multiple types of materials to prevent rodents from squeezing their way into your space.

HVAC duct sealing

Your HVAC system may be a hidden point of entry for rats. Over time, your HVAC system’s air ducts can become warped and develop cracks. In addition to allowing conditioned air to leak out, rats can also enter through the cracks. We can seal your HVAC system’s air ducts and keep rodents out. As a bonus, your cooling bills will likely decrease because the conditioned air will no longer be leaking out. Rat-proofing is effective whether you have an active infestation or if you are looking for a preventative solution.

Damage rodents can do to your property

Rats are not only unsanitary, but they have destructive teeth and claws. They gnaw their way through building materials and rack up repair bills along the way. We don’t just resolve rodent infestations. We are also qualified to repair damage to your commercial or residential property caused by rodents.

Attic insulation repair

Rats are drawn to attic insulation foam. They love to shred it with their tiny claws, burrow into it, and even eat certain varieties of insulation. While rodents destroy your insulation, your air conditioner works harder at maintaining a consistent temperature in your home. We can repair or replace the damaged insulation.

Electrical wiring repair

When it comes to rats, “out of sight; out of mind” defies conventional wisdom. Rodents inside your walls may not be visible. However, they can do considerable damage that shows up in big ways. While inside your walls, rodents chew on hidden electrical wires. As rodents damage the wires, they increase the risk of an electrical fire or blackout occurring.

Our technicians are licensed and qualified to repair or replace the damaged wires. We’ll eliminate the wall infestation and neutralize the risk.

Call the pros at 360 Rodent Control to solve all your rat problems. We provide holistic rodent control and related home repair services in West Hollywood and surrounding areas.

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What are some drawbacks of using hardware store rodent control products?

Hardware store rodent control products are not universally applicable to every infestation. For example, some rodents can chew through steel traps and render them ineffective. Rat poisons can expose you, your pets, and small children to toxins. Finding the right product may involve trial and error. While waiting to see which product works for you, rodents will continue to grow their population on your property. Call a rodent control professional to resolve the infestation immediately and effectively.

Do you resolve severe rodent infestations?

We specialize in resolving the toughest rodent infestations. Our holistic strategy is designed to solve large rodent infestations and to deter rodents from coming back. Contact us today to learn how we can help you stay rat-free.

How quickly will I begin to see results?

We can generally eliminate a rat infestation with one treatment. A member of our team will schedule a follow-up appointment and return to ensure the rats have not returned.

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