Hollywood instantly evokes images of a glamorous lifestyle, fame, and fortune. Don’t let your Hollywood, CA house become associated with rats. 360 Rodent Control is Hollywood’s holistic rodent control service provider. As the nation’s leading rodent control specialists, we’ll take your rat problem seriously.

Signs of a rodent infestation

By the time you’ve seen a rat, it’s likely that an infestation is already underway. Fortunately, there are other more subtle signs you can look for to determine whether you may have rats. Contact a rodent control specialist if you observe:

  • Rodent droppings
  • the smell of rodent urine
  • shreds of garbage around your property
  • the sound of rodents scampering inside the walls or ceiling
  • unusual behavior in your pets

Why your property may attract rodents

Although your property may be relatively clean and reasonably well-maintained, you may have conditions that attract rats. In general, rodents look to make their home in areas that have three elements:

  • a water source
  • a food source
  • protective shelter

Rodent water sources

Rodents will make use of nearly any water source they can find. Bird baths and fountains are sometimes unintentional rodent water sources. If water pools in an area on your property after a rainfall or watering your lawn or garden, rodents may thrive off of the residual puddles. If you have rodents inside your home, leaking pipes and even drinking water left out for pets can attract rats.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Food sources

Because rodents are scent-driven, any food you leave exposed can entice rats to your house. For this reason, rodents often invade restaurants and residential kitchens. Fruit and vegetable rinds and skins, seeds, bones, gristle, and rotten produce draw rodents to dumpsters and garbage disposal areas. In kitchen settings, rats chew through cardboard and lightweight plastic food packaging to get to the consumable contents.

Protective shelter

Like humans, rodents enjoy having a roof over their heads and protection from the elements outside. Once inside, rats prefer to stay out of sight in isolated areas like walls, attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Because rats are nocturnal and generally like to live in secluded areas, you may have a rodent infestation and not realize it until you happen to see a rat one day. If you regularly see multiple rodents during the daytime hours, your property probably has a very severe rodent infestation.

Hollywood's holistic rodent control service

Over the years, we have become very familiar with the way rats think, move, and behave. We’ve leveraged our thorough understanding of rat behavior to develop a highly effective, holistic approach to rodent control. We address rat infestations from multiple angles. Instead of solely focusing on getting rid of rats, we take extra steps to ensure rodents don’t come back.

When a rodent invades your property, it creates a scent path to allow it to come and go with ease. As the rodent travels back and forth, it brings additional rodents with it. The new rodents venture to other parts of your property and create their own scent paths. Before you know it, you have a rodent infestation routinely traversing your property.

We eliminate the scent trails. With no pathway to follow, rodents are unable to find their way back to their favorite areas after they’ve been ousted.

Rodent proofing your property in Hollywood, CA

Rodents can enter through the narrowest cracks. Our rodent proofing service creates a physical barrier to prevent mice and rats from squeezing their way into your space. Caulk alone is sometimes not enough to stop determined rodents. We use multiple materials to further deter the furry uninvited visitors from squeezing through the cracks.

Attic and crawl space cleaning

If you’ve noticed a lingering odor, but you can’t pinpoint its origin, you may have rodents in your crawl space or attic. We offer attic and crawl space cleaning services to remove all scent trails, blood, urine, feces, and other toxic rodent contaminants. After we’ve cleaned and decontaminated the area, rodents and their unpleasant smells will be a thing of the past.

Attic insulation repair

Depending on the type of attic insulation you have, the material may attract rats. Rodents love to cozily burrow into attic insulation. They shred the foam with their claws and gnaw on it as a food source. As rats destroy your home’s insulation, your air conditioner must work harder to keep the interior temperature and humidity at comfortable, consistent levels. We’ll eliminate the rodent infestation and replace the damaged insulation. Our team includes licensed, experienced home repair technicians who are qualified to install, maintain, and repair insulation. We’ve identified cost-saving measures that may even save you money in the process.

Electric wiring repair

When rats are inside your walls, they commonly gnaw on your electrical wires. Gnawed wires increase the risk of a blackout or electrical fire. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to eliminate rodent infestations inside walls. Our technicians can neutralize the electrical hazards by repairing or replacing the damaged wires.

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Can I use over-the-counter rodent control products?

Over-the-counter pest control products may give you limited success in treating a rodent infestation. Hardware store products generally address only one aspect of the problem while leaving the root causes of the infestation unresolved. Some may be ineffective against particular rodent varieties in certain cases. Using DIY rat poison can potentially expose children and pets to toxins. Avoid these potential downsides by contacting a rodent control specialist.

Do you handle very severe rodent infestation cases?

Yes! We specialize in resolving the toughest rodent infestations.

Can a rodent infestation be harmful to human health?

It’s not uncommon for rats to bite humans. Rodents can spread potentially severe illnesses to humans through biting and scratching. Mice and rats can also carry fleas, ticks, and mites into your home. Protect your health by contacting a rodent control professional at the first sigh of mice or rats.

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