Encino homeowners have a holistic option for rodent control. The specialists at 360 Rodent Control use a multi-prong strategy to resolve rat infestations. We provide services to residential customers in Encino, CA and surrounding areas.

Why rodents invade your space

You may be wondering why rodents have chosen to invade your property. Mice and rats are attracted to environments that provide three elements:

  • regular access to food
  • a water supply
  • protective shelter

Chances are your home provides all three. Even if you keep your property clean inside and out, there are certain factors you may be unaware of that commonly attract rodents.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Standing water

If you keep water in your birdbath, rats may be using it as a community well. Standing water after a rainstorm, a dripping pipe, and even your pet’s water bowl are other examples of water sources that can support a rodent infestation. Eliminate standing water from your space to discourage rats from invading and taking up residence.

Improperly stored food

Rodents especially love residential spaces, farms, food stores, and restaurants. These properties keep food onsite around the clock. Rats are scent-driven creatures. Therefore, they are drawn to the smell of a potential food source. We recommend storing all food for pets and humans in sturdy, air-tight containers. When disposing of food waste, consider placing it in an airtight container or bag before throwing it away in a sealed garbage can. Similar to your pet’s water dish, rats also treat unattended food bowls as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Store your pet’s leftovers in a container for later instead of leaving food unattended in the feeding dish. If you would like to keep a birdfeeder, keep the area clean, and use a weight-sensitive feeder that will prevent squirrels and rodents from accessing the birdseed.


Rats use clutter to hide their presence. Old furniture, books, and newspapers provide additional protective covering. Rodents shred materials like paper and fabric and use the shreds to build nests. If you have a cluttered home or storage area, throwing away or donating items you no longer use will make the area less hospitable to mice and rats.

Holistic rodent control service in Encino

Our approach to rodent control sets us apart. We base our strategy on our thorough understanding of how rodents think and behave. Rats rely on pheromones to create scent trails they can use to travel back and forth from their hiding spots. They also use the scent trails to grow their population by bringing more rodents with them as they come and go. We destroy the scent trails to prevent outsted rodents from returning and to eliminate the possibility of new rodents using the same pathways.

Rodent-proofing your Encino, CA home

Rodents can squeeze into a building through openings that are as small as1/4-inch wide. We can seal every crack, hole, and crevice rats may otherwise use to access your space. Our rat-proofing service can benefit you whether you have an existing rat infestation or if you want to protect your property against future rat invasions.

Other services to resolve a rodent infestation

Getting rid of the rats is only the beginning. We offer several other services that will help prevent rats from returning and restore your property from damage caused by a previous infestation.

Attic and crawl space ceaning

Rats love dark, secluded spaces like your home’s attic and crawl space. Because most people don’t access these areas frequently, rodents can live in them undetected for weeks or even months. While inhabiting these spaces, rodents leave behind all sorts of potentially toxic biological materials like blood, urine, feces, and fur. These materials can create a lingering unpleasant odor throughout your home.

Air conditioning duct sealing

Properly-maintained air ducts are critical to a traditional HVAC system. Not only does the air conditioner distribute cold air through the ducts, but rodents can also enter if there is a leak. We’ll seal your air ducts to keep rats and mice out. In addition to blocking rodents from entering, your cooling bill may also improve.

Insulation repair and maintenance

Rats view your home’s insulation material as the perfect playground, a cozy nesting spot, and in some cases a delicious food source. As rodents claw through attic insulation, their tiny claws tear the material to shreds. Damaged insulation causes your home’s air conditioner to work harder. After we solve your rat problem, our insulation technicians can replace the damaged material and potentially save you money in the process. We have the experience, training, and certification to be your partners in rodent control and to also meet your home repair needs after resolving an infestation.

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What is the difference between rats and mice?

Rats and mice are two different rodent varieties. The main difference is size. Rats appear more menacing due to their larger bodies, more prominent teeth, and longer, thicker tails. Mice are smaller with more delicate features. Both types of rodent may spread serious diseases to humans.

How long does it take 360 to eliminate a rodent infestation?

We can eliminate a rodent infestation in one treatment. 360 Rodent Control will address your rat problem from multiple angles to be sure the rodents will not return.

What diseases do rodents spread to humans?

Rodents affect humans’ health in a variety of ways. Rat dander may trigger respiratory symptoms in people who have asthma or allergies. Other diseases rodents spread include hantaviruses, salmonella, rat-bite fever, and leptospirosis. Certain biting insects may spread a disease from a rat to a human if they bite an infected rodent prior to biting a human.

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