If your peaceful home environment is being turned upside down by rats, we’ve got the solution. 360 Rodent Control provides holistic rodent control solutions to households in Moorpark and surrounding areas. As a leading rodent control service provider, we’ll take your rat problem seriously.

Rat problems at home

Knowing you have rats can make it more difficult to sleep at night. Rodents are most active during the overnight hours. You may wake up in the middle of the night and hear the sound of rats scurrying above you in the ceiling. The constant fear of a rodent making an appearance can make it difficult for you to invite guests over.

We’ll make you feel at home in your own space by reclaiming your space from the rats. Our team attacks rat infestations from multiple angles to ensure the rats are gone for good.

Rats in your place of business

Businesses are held to high standards. Restaurants must maintain a clean, safe environment at the front of the house and behind the scenes for customers. Regulatory agencies conduct inspections to ensure food establishments comply with safety and sanitation requirements. Customers want to know that stores, warehouses, and other businesses keep their premises clean and free of pests.

Businesses that serve, sell, and manufacture food are especially prone to having rat problems. Our team of rodent specialists can address the underlying causes of a rodent infestation and help you eliminate the factors that make rats want to call your place of business their home.

Factors that attract rodents

Even if you keep your home or place of business clean, there may be conditions present that attract rodents. Our clients are often surprised to learn about seemingly harmless factors in their home or business that make rodents want to invade their space.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Inadequate landscaping

If you don’t mind your yard having a lush, overgrown aesthetic, you may be unknowingly inviting rats. A rodent infestation can occur outside before the rats move indoors. Rodents love things that conceal them and provide protective shelter. They can use piles of leaves, lawn clippings, and mulch as nests. Cluttered lawn decor can double as rodent shelter. Keeping grass, shrubs, and trees neatly cut and trimmed will give rodents fewer places to hide. Immediately bag and remove all yard waste to prevent rats from nesting and burrowing in piles of leaves and trimmings.

Standing water

You can discourage rodents from setting up shop on your property by tightly controlling potential water sources. Bird baths, fountains, and standing water from rain and sprinkler systems can regularly provide water to rodents. Rats will even stay hydrated by using your pet’s unattended water dish and water that drips from leaking pipes. Resolve maintenance issues that result in water leaks. Offer water to your pets frequently, and cover or remove the water bowl when not in use by your pet. As an alternative, you can use a pet water fountain that only releases water when your pet actively takes a drink.

Improperly stored food

Rodents are scent-driven animals. If you live near a rodent-infested area, the way you store food and dispose of food waste can be critical. We recommend storing food in durable air-tight containers like thick, sturdy plastic, metal, or glass. Avoid leaving food out and unattended. This also includes pet food. One of the more dramatic telltale signs of a rodent infestation is walking into your kitchen or pantry and discovering a large, mysterious hole in food packaging and the food contents spilled all over the counter, shelf, or floor.

Accessible garbage

A garbage can or Dumpster is a treasure trove to rodents. Inside, they can find food waste scraps they can consume and garbage scraps they can shred and use to build nests. Deter rats from treating your garbage area like a wonderland by keeping all garbage secured in sturdy garbage cans with tightly-fitting lids. Avoid leaving trash receptacles open and allowing garbage to spill over outside of the garbage cans. Be sure to wash food packaging to remove the food scent and residue before throwing it into your recycling bins and trash cans.

Holistic rodent control service in Moorpark

We are Southern California’s trusted holistic rodent control company. Our approach to resolving rodent infestations is based on our understanding of rodent behavior. Rats create scent paths to allow them to easily go back and forth between their favorite areas on your property. Other rodents can also use the scent trails. As rats travel back and forth, they bring more of their rodent counterparts back with them. Before you know it, you have a rat community living on your property and a network of rodent scent paths criss crossing your property.

Not only do we want to provide an immediate solution to your rat problem, but we want the results of our rodent control treatment to continue to last. To achieve long-lasting results, we clean up the scent paths. With no more paths directing rats to their hiding places, rodents will not return to your property after we oust them.

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Do rats spread diseases?

Rats spread diseases to humans directly through biting and scratching. Humans can also contract a rat-borne illness after coming in contact with a diseased rodent’s bodily fluids. Fleas and ticks can spread diseases from rats to humans if they bite a human after biting an infected rat.

What’s the difference between rats and mice?

The main difference is size. Rats are generally larger than mice. They have larger teeth and a longer, thicker, hairless tail. Both rats and mice are capable of spreading diseases to humans.

What are the disadvantages to using DIY rodent control products to treat an infestation?

Working with a rodent control specialist offers the advantage of having an experienced professional evaluate the situation and recommend the best solutions for your particular case. Our rodent control specialists will resolve your rat problem by addressing it from multiple angles.

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