A pleasant Mediterranean climate, nearby premium shops, and fine dining makes Camarillo the perfect small town for those who want to stay close to Los Angeles. If you love to call Camarillo home, chances are you don’t want to share your slice of suburban paradise with rats. 360 Rodent Control is Camarillo’s trusted rodent control company. We keep households throughout Southern California rat-free.

Finding rats in your home

You may hear tiny rodent feet scurrying across the floor when you wake up in the middle of the night. Perhaps there are strange sounds coming from the walls or ceilings. You open the pantry and discover a mysterious hole in a bag of flour and tiny footprints in the dust.

Rats don’t always announce their presence by showing up for a face to face encounter. In fact, rodents are nocturnal creatures that love to stay hidden in secluded areas. If you observe unusual sights, sounds and smells in your Camarillo house, contact a rodent control specialist to determine whether you have a rodent infestation.

How rodents affect Camarillo businesses

Businesses thrive on creating positive customer experiences. Customers want to know they are making purchases from a clean, safe, sanitary setting. Restaurants and food manufacturing businesses are required to pass official inspections and maintain food safety standards. Even landlords are held to a higher standard when it comes to making clean, safe properties available for rental. The presence of rodents can easily disrupt your business. We work with Camarillo businesses to keep the rodent-free, clean, safe, and comfortable.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Rodent health hazards

The same concerns that prompt businesses to keep their premises rodent-free apply to residences. Rodents can affect human health in multiple ways. Consuming rodent-contaminated food can cause illness. Rats and mice are capable of spreading serious illnesses through biting and scratching. Fleas and ticks can attach themselves to rodents and be carried into your home when rodents invade. Fleas and ticks can also spread diseases from infected rodents to humans if they bite a human after biting an infected rodent. Even breathing air that is contaminated with rodent dander can trigger symptoms in people who have respiratory sensitivities.

The reasons to take a rodent infestation seriously are numerous. If you suspect you may have rodents on your property, contact a professional to resolve your rat problem as early as possible.

Property damage caused by rats

Despite their tiny size, rodents can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. They gnaw through drywall, certain metals, wood, roof shingles, and other building materials. Rodents’ biological contaminants cause unpleasant smells that can be difficult to remove. We aren’t just rodent control specialists. Our expertise extends to home repair. Call on our team to repair the damage rodents have left behind on your property.

Attic cleaning and insulation repair

As rats settle into your attic and get comfortable, they leave behind waste, blood, and other biological contaminants. We thoroughly clean your attic and remove the scent trails rodents use to travel back and forth to their favorite places on your property. In addition to decontaminating the space and removing the lingering odors, rodents will no longer be able to use their scent pathways to return to the area.

When rodents live in an attic, they often take over the insulation material. Rats love to burrow into, eat, and claw their way through certain types of attic insulation. After we’ve eliminated the rodents and cleaned and decontaminated the attic, we can repair or replace the damaged insulation.

Roof repair

Roof rats are a rodent variety that inhabits the highest levels in the structure of a house or building. They gnaw their way through roof shingles, wood, and any other material that stands in their way of making a home inside your roof or attic.

We can rid your roof of the roof rats and repair the damage. Our technicians are qualified to install, maintain, and repair roofs. Because your roof is one of the most valuable components of your home, allowing rodents to gnaw at your roofing materials can decrease your overall property value.

Rodent proofing your Camarillo home

Rodents can enter your home through the smallest hole or crack. To keep them out, we seal every crack and crevice rodents may otherwise use as a point of entry. Instead of just using standard caulk, we use multiple materials to make it even more difficult for rodents to invade your space.

Air duct sealing

If you have a traditional HVAC system with ducts, rodents may be entering your home through the ducts. As air ducts age, they can develop cracks that allow cooled air to leak out before it reaches the interior rooms. We’ll seal the cracks to keep rats out and cooled air in. If the ducts are especially damaged, we can repair or replace them. Trust our reliable team at 360 Rodent Control to get the job done.

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Can I treat a rodent infestation on my own?

There are many rodent DIY control products available in stores and online. If you choose the DIY approach, you are more likely to be met by a lengthier process of trial and error. When you call a professional, you benefit from the rodent control professional’s experience and expertise. We’ll determine the type of rodent, the underlying cause of the infestation, and the most effective solutions.

What are some diseases rodents spread to humans?

Rodents are most infamous for spreading the plague during the 1300s. In addition to varieties of plague, rodents also spread leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, salmonella, and hantaviruses.

What are signs of a rodent infestation?

Some signs of infestation are more subtle than others. You may hear rodents inside the walls, your roof, the ceiling at night. Rodents tend to leave droppings in the corners of rooms, under cabinets, and inside pantries. You may also notice the smell of rodent urine or dead rodents.

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