Ventura, CA households rely on 360 Rodent Control to keep rats away. We offer a holistic approach to rodent control that works after one treatment and will keep you rat-free. If you are struggling with an ongoing rodent infestation, call on our professional team to solve your rat problem.

Discovering a rodent infestation

Oftentimes, the first signs of a rodent infestation are subtle. You may awake from your sleep in the middle of the night and hear the sound of small animals running around inside the ceiling. An unpleasant odor may be coming from inside the walls. Perhaps your pets are showing unusual behavior. Other more overt signs of a rodent infestation include:

  • rodent feces
  • bite marks or new holes appearing in walls
  • bite marks on food packaging
  • actually seeing a rat

Contact a rodent control specialist at the first sign of a rodent infestation. Our rodent specialists know the places rats love to hide. We’ll find them and resolve the infestation so you can get back to enjoying your space.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Rodents infestations can damage your property

Despite their small size, rodents are incredibly destructive. They gnaw through walls, insulation material, wood and even roof shingles. Once they make their way inside your home, rodents leave behind smelly waste and other biological contaminants. Rodents inside your wall can be electrocuted while chewing electrical wires. You may eventually notice the stench of the rodent’s carcass.

Because rodents prefer to live in hidden areas, they may wreak havoc on your property for weeks or months on end before you discover their presence. Resolving your rat problem early can prevent potentially costly property damage.

Human health risks associated with rats

Most people associate rats with spreading the plague during the 1300s. Today, plague cases are less common though not completely unheard of. However, rodents spread many other diseases to humans including:

  • hantaviruses
  • leptospirosis
  • salmonella
  • rat-bite fever

People who have respiratory sensitivities may be triggered by breathing in rat dander. Rodents can also transfer mites, fleas, ticks, and parasites from their bodies into human spaces. Protect your health and safety by contacting a rodent control specialist as soon as you detect a rat problem.

Rat proofing your Ventura home

One of the best ways to keep rodents out is to re-enforce physical barriers. Rodents can enter your house through cracks as narrow as 1/4th-inch in width. We seal every hole, crack, and crevice to keep rats out. We use a variety of materials to make it even more difficult for rats to squeeze their way into your space.

Holistic rodent control in Ventura

Our strategy is unique because we understand rat behavior. Rodents use pheromones to communicate. They create scent paths to allow them to go back and forth between their favorite places without losing their way. As rodents come and go, they bring additional rodents along with them. The new rodents find their favorite spots on your property and create their own scent paths. We focus on more than just getting rid of the rats. We also clean up the contaminants they leave behind, and we destroy the scent paths. With no paths to follow back to their favorite places, rodents have no way of returning.

Attic and crawl space cleaning

Rodents are able to live in attics and crawl spaces undetected for extended periods. While making themselves at home, they leave urine, feces, blood, saliva, and other potentially disease-carrying contaminants. We thoroughly clean and decontaminate these areas. Not only will the rodent infestation be a thing of the past, but the lingering odor will also be gone.

Attic insulation repair

While living in your attic, rodents make use of your attic insulation. Rats shred, eat, and burrow into attic insulation. As rats have their way, your air conditioner must work harder to evenly cool your home. We employ qualified technicians who can repair or replace the portions of insulation the rats have damaged.

Roof repair

Roof rats gnaw through roof materials. They move into the highest areas in the structure of houses and buildings. The damage roof rats cause can expose your home to more severe problems that lower the value of your home. We can restore your roof and protect your home’s value by repairing or replacing the damage.

Electrical wiring repair

Rodents can significantly elevate the risk of a blackout or electrical fire occurring on your property by gnawing on the electrical wires. We employ licensed electricians who can neutralize the risk by repairing or replacing the gnawed electrical components.

360 Rodent Control is the only rodent control company you’ll need to call to solve your rat problem. We can get rid of your rodents once and for all and repair the trail of destruction they’ve left behind. Contact us today to learn more about our holistic rodent control and repair services.

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Can I use over-the-counter rodent control products to resolve a rodent infestation?

Over-the-counter products generally do not address all aspects of a rodent infestation. It’s also important to understand which type of rodent is living on your property. Depending on the type of rodents you have, some solutions may be more effective than others. Contact a rodent control specialist to receive more comprehensive, effective, longer-lasting solutions.

Why have rodents chosen to infest my property?

Rodents generally look for protective shelter, access to food, and a water supply. You may be inadvertently providing all three elements to rodents by leaving food out for birds or pets and by keeping garbage in accessible containers. Maintenance issues like leaking pipes and inadequate outdoor draining can provide a water supply to rodents. You may also have unsealed cracks in the structure of your home or commercial building that allows rodents to come in and receive the protective shelter they seek.

How quickly do your customers see results?

We can generally eliminate severe rat infestations with one treatment.

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