A rodent encounter can make you lose all confidence in your home. If you have a fear of rodents, you may have trouble sleeping at night. You may be reluctant to invite people over. The thought of rodents running around can even make you feel unclean in your own space. For Oxnard residents, 360 Rodent Control is the answer to all of their rat problems. We provide holistic rodent control services to Oxnard homes.

Signs of rats

Seeing a rat is the most accurate way to determine whether you have rodents. Unfortunately, by the time you see the first rat, your rodent problem may already be out of control. There are other more subtle signs you can look for to determine whether you have rodents living on your property. It’s time to call a rodent control specialist if you observe any of the following:

  • rodent feces
  • the smell of rodent urine
  • the sound of rats inside the walls or ceiling
  • a new hole in the wall
  • bite marks on food packaging

Rodent infestations affect health

Not only are rats unsanitary and potentially frightening, they can affect your health. People who have asthma or other respiratory sensitivities may have symptoms if they inhale rat dander. Rodents are also very capable of spreading diseases. It isn’t uncommon for rodents to bite and scratch humans. An infected rodent can directly spread disease to humans. Biting insects like fleas and ticks can spread diseases from rats to humans if they bite a human after biting an infected rat. Consuming rodent-infested food and touching rodent contaminants like blood, urine, and feces can also result in humans contracting a rat-borne illness.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Holistic rodent control service in Oxnard

We base our approach to rodent control on our extensive experience and thorough understanding of rodent behavior. We know that rats use pheromones to communicate. When a rat ventures into your home and finds a spot to settle, the rat creates a scent path. The scent path allows the rodent to always return to that particular spot as often as it chooses without getting lost. As rats go back and forth, they bring their rodent friends and family members with them. The newly-arrived rodents explore your property and create additional scent trails as they discover their own favorite places.

Instead of focusing solely on eliminating rats, the specialists at 360 Rodent Control attack rodent infestations from several angles. We clean up the scent trails to prevent rats from returning. With no way of finding their way back to your home, rodents will have to take up residence elsewhere.

Rat proofing your Oxnard home

Rodents get inside your home by squeezing through tiny holes and cracks. We seal every crack and crevice to create a physical barrier to rodent entry. Instead of using caulk on its own, we use multiple materials to effectively prevent rats from squeezing into your space.

Attic cleaning and repair service

Secluded attics are especially attractive to rats. Once rodents have gotten comfortable, they leave waste and other biological contaminants. Not only do rodents enjoy the seclusion attics offer, but rats use attic insulation for a variety of purposes. They gnaw at certain types of insulation foam as a food source and burrow into it to make cozy nests. As rats repurpose your home insulation material, your air conditioner struggles to keep the interior evenly cooled.

We thoroughly clean and decontaminate the attic to remove toxic remnants from the infestation. If rats have destroyed your insulation, we can repair or replace the damaged material. Throughout our years of experience in the insulation industry, we’ve discovered cost-saving measures. Our technicians can possibly save you money while restoring your attic insulation after we’ve gotten rid of the rats.

Electrical wiring repair

When rodents move inside your home’s walls, they have direct access to your home’s electrical wires. Rodents are sometimes electrocuted by the wires. If you notice an unpleasant odor coming from inside a wall in your home, a rodent carcass may be the culprit.

As rats chew on the wires, they increase the risk of a blackout or electrical wiring occurring. After ousting the rodents, we can neutralize the risk by repairing and replacing the damaged wiring as needed.

Roof repair

You’ll know roof rats by the sounds they make. If you hear small animals scurrying back and forth inside your roof and attic, you may have roof rats. This variety of rat chews through shingles, wood, and other roof materials and live inside the highest structures in houses and other buildings. We can eliminate the roof rats and repair or replace the damage they cause. Your roof is one of your home’s most valuable components. Let the technicians at 360 Rodent Control help you protect and restore it.

360 Rodent Control provides holistic pest control and related home repair services to commercial and residential property owners throughout Oxnard and surrounding areas. Contact us to learn more about how we can solve your rat problem.

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Is there a difference between mice and rats?

The main difference between rats and mice is size! Rats are larger overall. They have larger, more menacing teeth and a longer, thicker tail. Although mice are smaller and people keep them as pets, both types of rodent can be hazardous to the health of humans.

What types of conditions attract rats?

Most people know rats love garbage. But there are other common, everyday conditions that can attract rats despite seeming harmless. Leaking pipes, bird baths, bird feeders, and even unattended pet feeding dishes can support a rodent infestation. After feeding your pets, take up any leftover food and water, and store it in a sturdy container for later.

I’ve only seen one rat; do I have a severe infestation?

Rodents are nocturnal; therefore, they are most active during the hours you are more likely to be asleep. They also prefer to stay to themselves in secluded spaces. For these reasons, it’s possible that you may have a severe rodent infestation on your property after having seen only one rat.

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