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Don’t let rodents ruin your summer! Orange, CA homes call 360 Rodent Control to solve their rat problems. We are Southern California's leading rat control specialists. Our team specializes in eliminating severe rat infestations throughout Orange County.

Orange, CA rodent control specialists

We base our rat control services on our thorough understanding of rodent behavior. Rats use pheromones to create scent trails. After a rat enters your home, the rodent creates a scent trail it can always follow to return to the same area. Other rodents can also detect the scent trail and use it to invade your home. Rats tend to grow their populations by bringing additional rats with them each time they return. We put an end this viscious cycle and the resulting infestation by cleaning up the scent trails.

Signs of a rodent infestation

Even if you haven’t seen a rat or mouse, you may be overlooking other telltale signs of a rodent infestation. Signs that indicate you have a rodent problem include:

  • solid feces pellets in corners, cabinets, and other confined spaces
  • the stench of ammonia-like rodent urine
  • tiny rodent footprints in dusty areas
  • shredded strips of garbage
  • gnaw marks in walls, insulation, and building materials
  • rats' nests
  • the sound of rodents running behind your walls or in your attic

If you observe signs of a rodent infestation it’s time to call in the professionals. We’ll determine the size of your rodent problem and deliver effective, long-term solutions.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Rodent-proofing your Orange, CA home

Rodent-proofing prevents mice and rats from entering your home. Rodents can enter through cracks, holes, and crevices that are as small as ¼-inch. Whether you have called us to eliminate an infestation or if you’d like to be proactive, we can seal all potential points of entry to prevent rats and mice from venturing indoors. We use a variety of materials to make it more difficult for rats to invade your space.

Attic cleaning services

Attics are attractive places for rats and mice to hide. Rodents use household clutter as shelter. They shred fabric, paper products, and insulation materials and use them to construct nests. Some rats enjoy eating insulation and making cozy homes by burrowing directly into the material. Getting rid of the rodents isn’t enough. We go the extra mile by offering thorough attic cleaning services to eliminate the nests, urine, feces, blood, and dander rats leave behind.

Crawl space cleaning services

Similar to attics, rats also love crawl spaces. More readily accessible from outside, crawl spaces give rodents an enclosed, sheltered spot in which they can take refuge from the outdoors and stage their invasion of on other parts of your property.

Chances are you don’t visit your crawl space very often. Rats prefer the less-frequented, dark, secluded areas in and around your home. If you have noticed a lingering, unpleasant odor, a rat infestation in your home’s crawl space may be the culprit. We can clean all traces of rodents from your crawl space and seal any cracks rats may otherwise be able to utilize to enter your living areas.

Roofing services

If you hear tiny feet sprinting across your roof, you may have a species of rodent that is known as the roof rat. These rodents specifically infest the crevices in your roof. Similar to other rat varieties, roof rats gnaw through wood and other building materials. We offer roof maintenance, repair, and installation. In addition to sending roof rats packing, we can also help preserve one of the most valuable structural components of your home.

AC services

Your air conditioner can do more than keep you cool this summer. Our state-of-the-art AC services will allow your air conditioner to:

  • improve your indoor air quality
  • lower the humidity level inside your home
  • remove odors from the air
  • discourage insects from entering from outside

Air conditioning duct services

Conditioned air travels throughout HVAC ducts into different rooms in your home. As an HVAC system ages, the ducts may develop cracks. Ducts can also become damaged and develop leaks. Rodents can enter your home through cracks in your AC ducts. We can replace, repair, or seal your HVAC ducts to keep rats out. By eliminating leaks, your air conditioner will also work more efficiently and potentially reduce your cooling bills.

Insulation services

If rats have damaged or destroyed your home’s insulation, we can fix it. Our experience in the insulation industry has helped us discover cost-effective measures that can save you money. We install, repair, and maintain building insulation.

Electrical wiring services

Rats that take up residence inside a building’s walls gnaw through anything in their path, including electrical wires. Chewed wires create the risk of blackouts and electrical fires. Our experienced professionals can eliminate infestations that occur within walls. Our team includes electricians who are qualified to repair the damage rats do to electrical wiring.

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How can I tell if rats have damage my home’s insulation?

If you are able to enter your attic, you can visually inspect the insulation for gnawed and shredded sections that appear damaged or have been removed entirely. The safest option is to call us and allow us to inspect your attic insulation.

What if I use rat traps and poisons?

Rat traps and over-the-counter rat poisons can only do so much if you have a severe rat infestation. Avoid leaving poisons where kids and pets may accidentally come in contact with them. Instead, let us apply our holistic approach to rodent control and eliminate rats once and for all.

How many treatments will I need before my property is rodent-free?

Even if you have a very severe infestation, we can eliminate rats and mice from your property in a single treatment. Our multifaceted approach to rodent control will keep your Orange, CA home free of rodents long after our visit. We’ll even return for future visits to ensure the rodents haven’t returned.

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