Agoura Hills is perfect for people who wish to live close to downtown Los Angeles while still enjoying quiet elegance and mountain views. If you live in Agoura Hills, don’t let a rat infestation disturb your peace of mind. 360 Rodent Control provides holistic rodent control services to Agoura Hills homeowners.

Signs of a rodent infestation

Apart from seeing a rat, there are other more subtle signs that suggest your home may have rodents. Other signs of a rodent infestation include:

  • rodent droppings
  • the smell of rodent urine
  • bite marks on food packaging
  • bite marks or holes in walls
  • discovering shredded garbage
  • unusual behavior in your pets
  • hearing rodents scampering in the attic or ceiling

If you observe signs of rodents, contact a rodent control specialist immediately. Our team will work quickly to resolve your rat problem.


We’ll get rid of them and clean the mess they left behind.

Rodent infestation health hazards

Rats aren’t just unsanitary and annoying. They can spread diseases to humans. Most people have heard that rats are capable of spreading plague. Other rodent-borne illnesses rats can spread to humans include:

  • leptospirosis
  • rat-bite fever
  • hantaviruses
  • salmonella

People who have asthma or allergies may also be affected if they breathe air in rodent-infested spaces. Rodent dander can trigger respiratory symptoms.

Holistic rodent control service in Agoura Hills

Our approach to eliminating a rodent infestation is based on many years of experience and our thorough understanding of rodent behavior. Rats use pheromones to communicate with each other and create scent trails. When a rodent discovers a place it would like to make its new home, the rodent creates a scent pathway it can always use to come back to that place. As rodents come and go, they grow their populations by bringing additional rodents with them. The new rodents create additional scent trails as they discover their own favorite hiding spots on your property. We disrupt the rodent invasion by eliminating the scent trails. With no pathway to follow, rodents are unable to return after we’ve sent them packing.

Property damage caused by rodents

In addition to potentially being bad for your health, rats also cause you to rack up a sizable repair bill. Rodents chew through virtually anything in their path. They gnaw on electrical wires, drywall, soft metals, and home insulation materials. We offer services to undo the trail of destruction rats leave behind.

Roof repair

Roof rats specifically invade your roof. They chew their way through your roofing material and make homes for themselves under the eaves and in the highest levels of houses and buildings. We can eliminate roof rodent infestations and repair the damage the rats have caused. Our team is qualified to repair, replace, and maintain your roof.

Insulation repair

If you have rats in the attic, they are likely enjoying your attic insulation. Rodents eat, shred, and burrow into insulation material and use it to make cozy nests. After we eliminate your rodent infestation, we will thoroughly clean your attic and repair or replace the damaged insulation. Repairing insulation damage has the added benefit of potentially lowering your cooling bills.

Attic and crawl space cleaning

If you have noticed an unpleasant odor, but you are having difficulty determining where it's coming from, you may have rats in your attic or crawl space. We’ll clean and decontaminate your attic and crawl space to eliminate the bad smell along with the toxic remnants from the infestation.

Agoura Hills rodent proofing service

Rodents can squeeze into your space through the tiniest cracks. Our rodent-proofing service will protect your house from rodent invasions by establishing a physical barrier to entry. We’ll seal every crack, hole, and crevice rodents may otherwise leverage to gain access to your space. We use multiple materials to make it even more difficult for rats to enter your home.

Air duct sealing

If you have a traditional HVAC system with ductwork, your air ducts may provide access to rats. Over time, the ducts can become damaged, warped, and cracked. Rats can enter through the cracks and infest the ducts. We’ll seal your air ducts to keep rodents out. If the ducts are particularly damaged, we can repair or replace the damaged ductwork.

Comprehensive rodent control specialists in Agoura Hills

The rodent control specialists at 360 Rodent Control are committed to delivering fast, effective rodent control solutions that are tailored to meet your needs. In addition to delivering safe, long-lasting rodent control results, we are also qualified to be your partners in home repair to remedy the damage rodents have done to your property.

To learn more about our rodent control and repair services, contact us today. One of our specialists will provide an evaluation and recommend the most appropriate solutions.

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How long does it take to see results after having my property treated?

You can generally expect to see results after one treatment. Not only will we oust your uninvited rodent guests, but we go the extra mile to ensure you remain rodent-free.

How do rodents spread diseases to humans?

Rodents spread diseases directly through biting and scratching. Humans can also contract a rat-borne illness if they come in contact with a contaminated rat’s bodily fluids. Biting insects like fleas and ticks can spread rat-borne diseases to humans if they bite a human after biting an infected rat. Protect your health and the health of the people around you by contacting a rodent control specialist at the first sign of a rodent infestation.

Do DIY rodent control products work for severe infestations?

While you may have some success with a pest control product you purchase from a retailer, DIY products are no substitute for the knowledge and experience of a professional. A rodent control specialist can address your rat problem by helping you remedy the conditions that led to the infestation and by eliminating the mechanisms rodents may otherwise use to return to their favorite hiding places.

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